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All the Issues with Netflix’s “Love is Blind”

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Let’s talk about the Netflix original “Love is Blind”. While I admit that I really do enjoy watching it, I can’t help but also find the concept sort of appalling. And by the concept I don’t mean the whole “Is Love really blind?” question. I mean the fact that it exposes people’s raw feelings, people’s mental breakdowns and private arguments. Season 4 has just come out and it’s obviously crazy. SPOILER ALERT for those who’ve never seen the show. 

Several of the cast members this season are very flawed. And for this, they are constantly belittled and cyberbullied online. Are they not the nicest people? Sure. Do they deserve to be bullied on a daily basis? Probably not. Specifically, I’m referring to the fans’ least favorites Micah Lussier, Irina Solomonova and Jackie Bonds. Lots of fans have complained how hard it was to watch these girls given their behavior and that the producers should really do a better analysis on these people before they cast them. LIB exposes people, and yes they sign up for it, but LIB tempts them. They sometimes ask for people to put in an application to be on the show, as they did to season 3’s Raven. 

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To add onto this, it may seem as if the cast members are even being set up to get hurt with all the triangles and that nonsense, especially since they have the spotlight put on them. In LIB season 2, Jarrette Jones was torn between Mallory Zapata and Iyanna McNeely, and he ended up choosing Mallory, who rejected him. He immediately went back to Iyanna, much to the viewer’s dislike. They recently got divorced in 2022, and Iyanna proceeded to get bullied with remarks such as “You knew you were second choice” and “It’s on you for being so stupid”. This is unfair, since she was already going through a lot with the divorce, and now she had the world all up in the details of her personal life.

The worst part might have to be how the couples make their decision at the altar, and if they decide no, they embarrass their partner in front of all their friends and family. Why do they wait until the very last second to decide what they are going to say? Don’t you plan a wedding knowing the point of it is saying yes? All in all, it just sets the couples up for humiliation.

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And, finally, this wouldn’t be a true LIB critique without addressing those infamous stainless steel wine glasses that appear literally everywhere. Do they send the cast home with these? Do they go into the variety of restaurants and stores the cast is filmed in and stock them with these cups ahead of time? It’s bizarre. And, it’s even more bizarre how the cast is drinking 24/7. Are they ever even sober, especially while in the pod and on the Mexico vacation? How are they forming this apparently real connection during the beginning stages if they are constantly intoxicated? Who knows! I will still happily watch each new season as it comes out, despite this multitude of issues. Call it a guilty pleasure.

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