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Balling on a budget has always been something common for me and I think it can be a very relatable topic and concern for many college students who do not want to break their wallet. Learning to budget, buying from second-hand sources and just going to different places might even help you expand and find new hobbies.


Business professional, going out clothing and casual… College is a place that allows you to explore different styles. You may need business professional clothes for interviews and career fairs or going out clothes for house parties, bars or other social gatherings. You may want your pick of casual clothes for a comfortable fit for class, going to the gym, or simply lounging around. A few places that I would recommend going that are inexpensive around the Champaign- Urbana are: Market Place Mall, Goodwill, TJ Maxx and Ragstock. Although these may not be your favorite choices, they do help with waste limitation, tend to be inexpensive, and commonly have sales depending on the season.


Who doesn’t love buying random knick knacks to accentuate their space? As college students, we need to look for what is nearby and use coupons and different sales that companies may be having. CVS, Target and Home Goods all carry stuff for your dorms or any appliances that you may need/want. You will also be able to find nice gifts for your friends, without needing to splurge. They are also convenient if you are in RSO/s that have events that celebrate with baskets and local gift-giving.


Groceries or eating out?

Both can be costly, but some of us may not have the luxury to cook in an apartment or have a meal plan. Still needing to buy snack or items, it can be helpful to look into the basics like Target and CVS who cater coupons to you. Though a little farther off campus, Aldi and County Market tend to have better discounts and are less expensive.

Treat yourself!

Look into restaurants with daily discounts, point systems or any other customer rewards. Fat Sandwich has daily discounts that make it inexpensive to buy a sandwich. Jimmy Johns and Potbelly also have rewards; that’s only naming a few! Never look back on trying new restaurants, but to cut costs, you can consider going out with friends who don’t mind getting different items and splitting the bill.

I am a recreation, sports and tourism major and will be concentrating in sports management as well as I will be working on research towards latino communities.