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9 Things You’ll Forget You Need for Your Spring Break Adventures

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

When packing for spring break trips, there are endless opportunities to forget to pack certain things that are absolutely essential to survival for the week. Here are just a few items (other than underwear) you might usually forget and may want to consider bringing on your exciting spring break adventure this year. 

1. Extra contacts 

Extra contacts and your glasses are a must for any trip! Especially if you’re in the sun, your eyes might be tired by the end of the day. It’s a good idea to give them a break before heading out to soak up the sun on the beach again the next day.

2. Copies of your identification 

Having your license, passport and any identification with you on a trip is already a given. However, in the case anything unfortunate happens and something holding your identification gets taken, you’ll want copies of anything and everything that can identify you with you to be able to prove who you are when going to fix the problem.

3. Reusable water bottle 

“Hydrate or diedrate” is a real concept regardless of where you’re going. Bring a refillable water bottle to keep filling up throughout the day to stay healthy and hydrated. I love my HydroFlask to pieces, but anything will do!

4. Medication 

Medication is commonly forgotten on trips but is extremely important to remember! Keep Advil, birth control, and anything else you may need in a plastic bag in your purse or carry-on so you always know where to find what you need.

5. Face Sunscreen 

If you’re not an avid sunscreen wearer or only wear up to SPF 30 on your body, I highly recommend getting a sunscreen specified for your face that’s at least SPF 50. It’ll keep your skin balanced and not greasy, all while giving your facial skin some much needed extra TLC and protection from the sun. 

6. Speaker 

If you’re on the beach or going to be in a hotel or Airbnb at all, you’ll likely want a good (and probably waterproof) speaker to be able to bump all your favorite songs from the playlists you love.

7. Ziploc bags 

Plastic bags are helpful for almost everything. From wrangling hair ties and bobby pins, to slipping your phone in while at the pool or the beach, these are a must have to make your life that much easier on vacay.

8. Lip balm 

Aside from the sun and heat (or cold) drying your lips out, it’s important to keep your lips protected just as much as the rest of your face and body. Lip balm with SPF is even better because sunburned lips hurt, my friends!

9. Dryer sheets 

This may seem like a funny thing to bring on a trip, but it’s helpful when dealing with dirty clothes or packing shoes. When you first pack everything in your bag or suitcase at home, it’ll be a nice refreshing time opening up your suitcase once you arrive at your destination. Once you wear something, you can put it in a plastic grocery bag or garbage bag (bonus tip!) and throw a dryer sheet in there to keep the dirty laundry smelling less…beachy and worn. It even works for shoes once you’re repacking them to go home and they’ve been worn all week!


All these items are important in order to stay happy, healthy and safe on your spring break trip. Be sure to bring extras of things listed here for friends who may have forgotten these items while packing, too. And of course, have an incredibly fun time wherever you may be venturing this spring break with friends or family!


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