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7 Reasons To Date An Illini Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Dating a girl at the University of Illinois is probably the best thing any single person could do for themselves. These girls are the types that anyone could fall in love with, because their passion for knowledge and enthusiasm towards life is a rare quality that these women possess. It only takes one trip to Urbana-Champaign to see why this is true, and if you haven’t been there, here’s why. 

She’s smart

The University of Illinois is a nationally renowned school, not to mention their incredible business and engineering programs. If you’re dating a girl from U of I, she’s likely incredibly smart and will be able to have impressively stimulating conversations. And come on, what’s more attractive than intelligence?

She’s down to earth

U of I students spend most of our school year trudging from library to class in over a foot of snow, so warmth and practicality are the priorities when it comes to fashion. Puffy winter jackets and sweats are always in style in Champaign-Urbana, because these girls put school first. These sort of climates and challenging classes are not meant for the faint of heart or die-hard fashionistas, so you’ll find that your Illini sweetheart is a pragmatic and logical gal. 



She has a great body

With a campus that stretches across two towns, U of I students are never out of shape as they are forced to walk miles each day. Every spring, the University hosts a marathon that thousands of Illini participate in. U of I is also home to a variety of gyms, intramural sports and on-campus fitness classes, so needless to say, your Illini girl probably has a bangin’ bod. 

She’s close to home

Because every other Illini you meet is from a suburb of Chicago, you likely don’t live far from her. This means that winter break, summer vacation and post-graduation can be spent with your Illini girl. She has also probably grown up taking visits to the city, so she’s always up for a trip downtown.

She knows how to have a good time

According to Princeton Review, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was ranked the #5 party school in the nation. If that doesn’t convince you that Illini girls are the most fun girls around, come check out the University during “Unofficial” or before a football game in the fall. Illini girls are always down for a good time, and what’s more fun than dating a party animal?

She’s independent and driven

Because your Illini girl is so smart, she’s probably going to do big things with her life. Whether she becomes a doctor, lawyer or CEO, you know that she’s going to focus on her own career and become successful. And hey, let’s be honest: she’s probably going to bring home a big paycheck with that incredible brain. 

She can make the best out of anything

Living amidst cornfields is enough to drive anyone a little crazy, but Illini girls know how to make the most out of their four years. They are successful students, the life of the party and they strive for greatness, despite the fact that they live in the middle of nowhere. Dating an Illini girl means falling in love, because what’s not to love about someone with all of these qualities and more?












Editor in Chief of Her Campus Illinois Chapter