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As the temperature falls, it’s time to add more layers. The cold weather makes it easy to throw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants everyday, but there are simple ways to be fashionable despite the cold weather outside. Here are 5 upcoming winter trends to help to you stay in style while keeping warm. 

1. Animal Print 

One of the biggest trends this season is animal print. Cheetah print, snakeskin or anything in between can add some drama and style to any look. These patterns are extremely versatile and can be found on purses, shoes, jackets, and so much more. Add a dash of animal print to any plain outfit to take it to the next level. 

2. Fuzzy Jackets 

Keeping warm on campus can be a struggle, and these jackets are the perfect solution. Available in a variety of colors and styles, fuzzy jackets, a.k.a “teddy bear jackets,” can elevate any outfit. Plus, they’ll keep you cozy all day long!

3. Leather 

Everyone’s favorite winter look is back and better than ever, and this time it comes in an even wider variety of options. Leather is huge this season and has been seen on virtually every runway. This season, the iconic fabric has been reborn into dresses, pants, and shirts. Leather makes any outfit look chic and polished and can be purchased at all price ranges.

4. Metallics 

If you’re into a more futuristic and modern look, take advantage of the metallic trend taking over the runway this season. Silver was a huge color for designers this year and there was no lack of shimmer in their looks. Metallics add a contemporary vibe and are extremely trendy.

5. Logos 

One very accessible trend seen in the shows this season is logos. Brand names written across shirts, purses, and hats have been seen everywhere. Try this trend for yourself by simply throwing on a t-shirt with your favorite brand name and you’re good to go!


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