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5 Things You NEED To Stop Doing In College

1. Worrying about having the perfect body.

Let’s be real. Unless you are extreme-dieting or working out for hours every day, your overall body shape is going to stay basically the same. Sure, eating half (or a whole) pizza is never the healthiest meal in the world, but you know you’ll have other days where you go on a health streak and make up for it. Remember that everything eventually balances out, so as long as you’re doing everything in moderation, you will ultimately be healthy. So really, stop saying “I can’t believe I’m eating this entire plate of fries,” because a) you’ll probably burn it off tomorrow, and b) you’re annoying everyone else around you.

2. Trying to find life-long romance.

Yeah yeah, you probably are rolling your eyes at this one, but seriously, you would not believe the amount of times I hear girls our age say they’re soooo jealous of their friends with boyfriends or that no one likes them. Basically, just STOP. Remember that 90% of guys in college are actually still developing their brains, so thats a big responsibility for them. Don’t expect them to want to commit to a relationship, because most of them can’t even commit to a date. We get it. You see movies/ TV shows/ your friends ~so in love~ but trust us, they’re secretly eyeing other guys as soon as they get to the bar. You’re literally not even halfway through your 20’s at this point, so relax, *~OnE dAy YoUr PrInCe WiLl CoMe*~


3. Judging yourself for your social media presence. 

Don’t for a second try to deny you get a slight pang of insecurity when you realize your best friend has 50 more Instagram followers than you. I mean seriously. Maybe her Insta game is wayyyyy better than yours. Or, maybe (and likely) she just so happened attain 50 followers out of some unfair doing of the universe. Life isn’t fair. So stop trying to think of the *perfect* caption or get worried when your friend tags an unflattering photo of you, because guess what: NO ONE cares but you. You are your biggest stalker, and realistically, no one is looking into your profile enough to notice you broke out in zits at that party the other night.

4. Guilt-tripping yourself for something you did drunk.

WE ALL DO IT. That is literally what alcohol is for; you do things you wouldn’t do when you’re sober. College is a time to learn from mistakes (like learning that it is NOT okay to confess your love to your crush at a bar) so just remember that if you put yourself in that situation, something will probably happen. But I do want to throw in a disclaimer: if you wake up after every night out regretting/ not remembering most of your night, you should maybe stop drinking so much. But for all of you who aren’t young alcoholics in the making, go easy on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes.



5. Surrounding yourself with shitty people.

Yeah, there are a lot of them out there. On a campus of 33,000 students, you’re going to run into a TON you don’t like. But you’re also going to realize that some of those people you thought were your closest friends are actually really toxic to your life. But here’s the beauty of college: you CAN drop those people. There are more to choose from!! Seriously, the only people you should ever be friends with are those who make you feel like you can climb Mount Everest (or text your crush) so if you realize you’re still hanging around some loser who can’t do that, get rid of them. You are young!!!


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