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5 Things to Take Note of From the Kardashian’s Ten-Year Reunion

The Kardashians have truly been through it all, and we were there every step of the way

The Kardashians have seen everything from break-ups to death to everything in between. Considering we were around 9-11 when the show started, we really have watched them go through every curve ball that life has thrown to them…and sort of feel like we went through it with them sometimes.

They never fail to make us laugh…ever

Almost every other sentence that comes out of one the Kardashian’s mouths immediately calls for a burst of laughter. Most of the things that they say sometimes tend to be ridiculous but at the same time so entertaining (perfect example: when Kris yelled at Kim to stop taking pictures of herself right before Khloe was going to jail), so thank you Kardashian’s for 10 years of continuous laughter and entertainment.

Caitlyn Jenner was briefly talked about throughout the entire episode

Caitlyn Jenner has pretty much taken over the Kardashian gossip over the last couple of years after coming out as transgender. But shockingly Caitlyn was sparsely mentioned in the anniversary episode.

The crew has had such a big impact on all of the Kardashian’s lives over the past 10 years

Throughout the anniversary episode, the crew described some of their favorite memories with the Kardashian family members. Their comments and stories regarding the family shows how much of an impact they have had in their lives, which is something that most people don’t realize when they watch the show.

Can’t help but wonder…is Kylie pregnant?!

There have been countless rumors and stories that Kylie’s pregnancy announcement was solely a PR stunt to create hype for the anniversary episode considering the announcement of her pregnancy was just the day before the anniversary episode. This leaves fans to wonder throughout the episode…was she pregnant while they were filming the episode or is she even pregnant at all?


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