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My three roommates and I
My three roommates and I
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5 Student Organizations To Try This Semester at UIUC

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

A huge university like UIUC has countless clubs for students to join during their free time. While many of them are pre-professional or competitive organizations, it’s also important to take some time to develop personal hobbies that are for yourself and just for fun. Taking some time away from schoolwork can reduce stress, and clubs can be a way for you to find a new hobby or passion. Especially as the school year is starting, clubs are the best way to meet new people and make friends on campus. And after Quad Day, it can be a little hard to find information about the organizations on campus. There are so many listed on the official RSO website (over 800!), that it can be overwhelming to read through all of them.

Here are some of the most unique groups to look into joining, not just to make new friends, but to also try out a new hobby and make some memories. 

1. Cheese Club

For anyone interested in culinary arts or maybe if you just love cheese, there’s a low-commitment, truly unique club that consists entirely of tasting cheeses during monthly meetings. These tasting socials are also get-togethers where members can meet each other and make friends. It’s a fun, casual, and delicious way to meet new people on campus! Check them out at @uiuccheeseclub on Instagram.

2. Harmony Ballet

Whether you’re a ballerina or a total beginner, Harmony Ballet hosts weekly ballet lessons in the ARC for those interested in honing their skill or trying out something new. Levels range from beginner to intermediate, and members can showcase what they learn in periodic recitals, such as their performance at Quad Day earlier this semester. It’s a fun and chill way to practice some ballet with a group and make friends while you do so. Find more information on their Instagram: @harmony_uiuc.

Anna Schultz-Converse Skateboards
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

3. Inline Insomniacs

Inline Insomniacs is one of the most talked-about organizations on campus, and for good reason: it’s like no other group on campus, and it makes for some of the most unique memories you can make at U of I. Inline Insomniacs is a club that rollerblades, skates, and bikes at midnight together — it’s a cool way to work out that late-night energy and get some movement, and it has some major 80’s movie vibes. For more info, their contact information is found at inlineinsomniacs.com.

4. Traveling Illini

Traveling Illini is UIUC’s premier travel club, basically a club all about road trips (although they’ve recently expanded to flight trips and train trips)! Every other weekend or so, members can sign up to stay at an AirBnB or Hostel in places like Wisconsin Dells, St. Louis, and New Orleans, and recently, the club has even broken the international barrier. This semester includes trips to Toronto and later on, Croatia! The best part is the affordability and ease of travel — the club team plans everything out for you and puts in loads of work behind the scenes to find the best group prices. Find them at @travelingillini on Instagram!

5. October Lovers

One of the most highly-anticipated clubs on campus is the October Lovers Club, but as it’s coming up on us soon, make sure to act fast — this organization’s activities last ONLY throughout the month of October, but they’re some of the most fun and social on campus. From barn dances to Curtis Orchard visits to bonfires, this RSO really brings the cozy (and spooky!) spirit to UIUC. I’m personally looking forward to the imminent merch drop. Find out more at @octoberloversuiuc on Instagram.

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