4 Products Every College Student Needs

There are some products that I think every college student would benefit from that are often overlooked. Some of the basics I’ve listed in this article are what I believe to be the most essential to my everyday life while I’m at college, and I’m sure you can implement them into your life, too! Without these things, I don’t think my day would function with as much ease as it does when I have these four items - check them out!

1. Reusable Water Bottle

Nowadays, I feel like we always hear about the perks and health benefits of drinking lots of water on a daily basis. I found hydrating to be so easy with my reusable, 40 ounce water bottle that I am never caught without. Whether I’m at the gym, sitting in class, or just hanging with friends, I’m always sipping on water. Reusable water bottles are so convenient (just stick it in the side pocket of your backpack), environmentally friendly (say goodbye to flimsy, plastic water bottles) and totally trendy! Linked below are some great water bottle options:

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us college students to have good, reliable headphones. Whether you’re doing homework in a loud coffee shop and need to block out the noise, jamming out to music on your way to class, or people on your floor are being particularly loud as you’re trying to fall asleep, having great headphones is a life saver. Noise canceling headphones may be a little pricier, but trust me when I say you will use them every single chance you get. I found some options that can fit into everyones price range, so we can all enjoy the luxury of having great headphones. See the links below:

3. Backpack 

I made the rookie mistake of bringing my backpack from high school to college. It didn’t take too long for me to recognize that I needed to invest in a bigger, sturdier backpack, as my old one simply wasn’t making do. It’s important for college students to prioritize functionality and durability over looks and trends. Here are some awesome choices to consider if you ever need a new backpack!

4. Portable charger 

A portable charger is never something I thought I would need - until I got to college. More days than not, I’m running around from class to clubs to the library, so that I never have a sufficient amount of time to recharge my phone throughout the day. Having a portable charger on hand relieves my worries about whether my phone is going to last the day, as I can charge up at anytime. Check out some chargers I linked below!


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