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10 Perfect Songs to Put on Your Summer Playlist

Lying out by the pool, cruising around with the windows down and having a barbecue with friends would all lack true summer spirit without one thing: music. Sometimes the perfect song is the thing that turns an ordinary summer moment into one to remember. Nothing is better than being able to belt out an oldie with your girls while roasting marshmallows by the fire or hearing the soothing voice of a musical angel while sipping margaritas by the pool. Having a mix of classics and new releases on your summer playlist this year will help you set the mood in any situation.

1. Lounging near the pool: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

This quirky and honest song preaches to those of us who would gladly spend a few days of our summer doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes a day free of plans and commitments is exactly what we need to remind us of what summer used to be all about, ease. This song will make any poolside sunbather smile with its up-tempo beat and do-what-you-want attitude.

2. The makeout session: Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer

If you can get past the fact that you are making out with somebody other than John Mayer himself, than you are set to have an awesome time to this sexy beat. These lyrics will really get you and your guy thinking, and I’m sure he isn’t complaining about that.  

3. House party: The Thrill by Wiz Khalifa

The Thrill is the perfect party song because it keeps the crowd comfortable with its chill beat. Wiz Khalifa’s attitude is always relaxed and that’s a perfect mood for a house party.

4. Concert: Gold Dust, Flux Pavilion Remix  

This dubstep remix of DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust is the perfect summer concert song. Like most dubstep fans could explain to you, the “drop” in this song is to die for. Gold Dust will get anyone off his or her feet and on the dance floor. It’s almost impossible to hear this song only once, most people can’t get enough of that sound.

5. Road Trip: Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

Even if Country music isn’t your thing, most people can find a special level of respect for Wagon Wheel. This song has become somewhat of an anthem for many people in the South and is moving its way North because of the hearty voices and joyful lyrics. Taking a long trip sometimes gets stressful, but Wagon Wheel will put your mind at ease.

6. Beach day: We’ve Got the Beat by The Go-Go’s

This oldie is still a goodie. This beach song not only will get you and your friend smiling and tapping your feet, but it will probably get all the moms up swinging their arms around too!

7. The break-up: You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

If your summer fling decides that he has found another girl to spend the rest of his vacation with, there’s only one song that will accurately describe your “Forget you” attitude towards him: You Oughta Know. Alanis gives you the perfect song to sing out as loud as possible to forget about that mess he left when he went away. Just don’t think about how she wrote this song for Full House’s Uncle Joey, and you’ll be able to get over him.  

8. Junior high flashback: Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

This song might piss a few people off, but hey, it’s a classic. You could pull out this gem in any situation. Nothing’s better than reminding your friends about how you used to stand across the smelly gym from the boys during songs like this.

9. Fourth of July: God Bless the U.S.A: Lee Greenwood

This song will remind any American how lucky we are to live in such an incredible country. To a day when we get to watch fireworks, hang out at lake houses, and thank our service members: cheers!
10. Ultimate summer of 2011 song: Rolling In The Deep by Adele

Adele has gained serious popularity since winning a Grammy for her debut album, 19 in 2009. Now with her hot new chart-topping single, Rolling In The Deep, she has gained even more fans across the country. Adele’s soulful voice brings chills to your skin and a girl-crush into sight. This powerful song is the perfect tune for any summer occasion.

There you have it. It’s always best to have a combination of oldies and new hits for the perfect summer playlist. Enjoy your summer, and rock on!

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