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Zach Bryan has been grabbing headlines left and right with not only his most recent self-titled album dropping, but his arrest that has been swamping the internet. In case you haven’t heard, Zach Bryan was recently arrested on September 7th in Oklahoma for obstruction of an investigation during a traffic stop.

Bryan was quick to take it to social media to publicly apologize for his actions via X on September 7th. Bryan admitted to being an “idiot” and that he was embarrassed of himself. He apologized to not only his fans, but police officers everywhere for his behavior. His mugshot is all over the internet with captions and memes referencing his hit song “Something in the Orange”, with him in a prison jumpsuit.

Not only was Zach Bryan crawling in the headlines for his arrest, but he had just released his self-titled album “Zach Bryan”. This album consists of 16 country songs, some with an upbeat sound and others with a slow ballad that will make you cry in your dark room alone. Bryan stays true to his country origins with a hint of pop in some of the songs. American Heartbreak, consisting of 34 songs, made Bryan sit on the Billboard charts for weeks, making it the biggest first week for a country album to be released. So it’s no question that fans were over the moon excited for the release of this new album.

A few notable tracks on the album that I wanted to highlight include, East Side of Sorrow, Overtime, Spotless, Tourniquet, I Remember Everything, Smaller Acts, and Jake’s Piano—Long Island.

All of the tracks on Bryan’s album are beautiful masterpieces. Spotless featuring The Lumineers will make you want to drive with your windows down through corn fields with your best friend. Tourniquet has catchy lines and plays on words seen in the way Bryan sings, “If you need a tourniquet or if you wanna turn and quit”. It will be stuck in your head after you listen to it. Smaller Acts gives credit to the girls who desire the little things like cry-laughing with your best friends, or going to the local flee market. Finally, I Remember Everything featuring Kacey Musgraves is a ballad about love and life. It reflects a beautifully written conversation between a man and woman who used to be in a romantic relationship and loved each other. This song is not only catchy, but has debuted number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, earning Bryan and Musgraves their first number one song.

If you have not checked out Zach Bryan’s new album, I would highly recommend giving it a listen. Bryan continues to rise to fame, becoming a loved artist and celebrity in the public eye.

Lexi Jurkus

Illinois State '24

Hi, I am Lexi Jurkus. I am an English Teacher Education major at Illinois State University. I have loved writing since I was young, writing is like therapy to me. Therefore, I wanted to open myself up to the opportunity to try different ways to expand my writing!