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Your Srat Questions Answered

A couple weeks ago, I opened up about my confusion over what sororities do, how, and why. (Here’s the original article, funny gifs and all). One of our editors-in-chief, Katie, has supplied me with some serious answers.

So, without further ado, here are your sorority questions answered.

What is rush?

“‘Rush’ is a slang term for what we call recruitment. It’s a process that usually occurs in the fall for most schools, or before school even starts at some. Women who want to join a sorority go through the formal recruitment process by visiting each sorority on campus and finding out more about them!”

How do you decide which sorority you want to be in?

You don’t really ‘just decide.’ It’s a complicated process, of course. During recruitment, potential new members of sororities visit each house. They learn about their philanthropies, sisterhoods, and each day pick fewer and fewer they want to return to. It is a mutual selection process, so if the woman wants to go back to a certain sorority, and that sorority also asked her to come back, she ends up returning as the week goes on. The final decision takes place on the last day of recruitment in which the woman has two houses left and only picks one.”

What is the big-little relationship like?

The big little relationship is what I like to say ‘what you make it.’ It can be as deep a friendship as the two women want it to be. Personally, my little Bri transferred here and is older than me. I absolutely adore her, she is one of my best friends, and I talk to her every day. Other relationships aren’t always like that. They may only see one another at specific sorority events, but for me, I think it’s one of the best friendships I’ve had develop over the years.”

Why do you all wear matching clothes?

Buying clothes is NEVER required. I love shopping, clothing, and all that jazz so I buy whatever I really, really like, and that’s about it. We have a clothing chairwoman who gets to design everything, and it’s a really cool leadership position for people, especially fashion design majors. It’s fun to match one another at our events for sure, but other than that, I think it’s just girls loving clothes.”

Do you have to pay rent to live in the house?

Living in the house does require rent like any other living situation. You pay for all of the normal things, minus having a chef. In my experience, we had cleaning people come 2/3 times a week to do deep shower cleaning and stuff like that. However, we still had chores as well. The house manager will usually schedule and organize all of that, which is another leadership position that is full of jobs to do. We would sweep the dining room, take out our trash, clean the hallways, and stuff like that twice a week. Having the chef is probably the best part about paying to live in… I can’t lie. I would do anything to have my food made for me like that again.”

How do you take perfect pictures every time?

The picture thing is so funny, because obviously sorority girls get made fun of for their poses a lot. I love photography, personally, so I will do anything for a good picture, no matter what the occasion. Otherwise, I think sororities just love aesthetically pleasing Pinterest things hahaha.”

What about time management?

“I truthfully don’t know how I have managed my time throughout the years. When I was president of my sorority, I can genuinely say I don’t know how my GPA maintained a healthy status. I think being in a sorority has helped me focus and reminded me that school is most important. There is a lot to do, and some struggle with it at first, but eventually it’s rewarding to be involved in something that forces you to be an individual with obligations that kind of reflect the real world time management we will all face in the workforce someday.”

Related: What do you all do exactly?

“We do a lot of philanthropy, a lot, a lot, a lot. Each year, we have a fall and spring event that raises money for our philanthropic partners, as well as 36 required community service hours. Other than philanthropy, we do drink at our registered social events if we are, of course, 21. We usually have around 1/2 dances a semester that members plan and attend. On a smaller scale, we have chapter every week, new member events like initiation every semester, recruitment, and sisterhood events like bonfires, yoga, etc.”

Do you ever get tired of all the stereotypes circulating around you and your sisters?

I hate the stereotypes. It’s crazy how when people find out I’m an involved member of a sorority, they instantly judge me. I’m still a person, and my letters are NOT tattooed on my forehead, because it isn’t the most interesting or important part about me. When living in the house, people would drive by and yell obscenities I could hear out my window. It’s sad, but it’s life, I suppose. I used to get really upset by it, but I have learned that it’s usually closed-minded people who don’t understand and don’t ever want to attempt to. I have done everything I can to be a role model against the stereotype, and I am proud to be a sorority woman despite all of the criticism it gets. Again, it is what you make it.”

And finally, is the sisterhood real?

“Sisterhood is completely and utterly real. I met the most beautiful people of my entire life through my sorority. I have never had a better group of friends that know me better than I know myself. I ended up living with girls I met in my sorority, going on vacations with them, and seeing them 24/7 even when we aren’t at school. I hope to stay friends with them long after I leave college. I have never had such a large support system at school. Without my sisterhood within my sorority, I would have never gained as much confidence, intelligence, or love that makes me who I am today. I’ve met people from across the country, alumni, and sorority women everywhere that have since proved that it doesn’t just stay within the college campus either. It’s really amazing. It’s sappy, but it really does change your life and make you a better person.”

So to all collegiettes everywhere, sorority girls or not, my advice to you would be to find other women to love and support and who love and support you in return. It’s all so much easier and more fun if we just try to understand one another.

Hi guys! I'm Holly, and I'm a writer for HerCampus at Illinois State. My interests includes feminism, superheroes, books, movies, tv shows, food, and puppies! As you can see, I enjoy a pretty eclectic range of things, but most importantly I'm just a regular college girl trying to live her best life. :)
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