Your Reminder To Online Shop

The convenience of online shopping is almost dangerous for anyone. One moment you are working on online homework or writing a paper, and then you end up shifting through shirts on your favorite store. No long lines, no crowded malls, full selection of all clothes, and no time limit. I can literally type exactly what I am looking for in the search bar while I am laying in the comfort of my own bed.


I know what you are thinking, with the fall weather approaching, where is the best places to get clothes right now online? Don’t worry, I got your back…


1. Ooh La Luxe

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and fell head over heals for this California boutique. If you ever watched the bachelorette, many of the girls are very involved with the brand. If you like well trendy pieces that are so well made for great prices, this is your store.

2. Princess Polly Boutique

This Australian online boutique has newly become all over social media. With so many trendy pieces from multiple different designers at a good price, it only makes sense. Do a little research and you can easily find 20% off codes. They also offer a student discount as well as something called Afterpay. With just an easy sign up with Afterpay, it breaks down your payments over a month span!

    3. Urban Outfitters

Although on the pricier side, there are always deals going on with denim or in the sale section. If you sign up to be apart of their rewards program, Urban also send coupons every once in a while. Like Princess Polly, if you are on a budget, you can always choose the Afterpay option.

4. Missguided

This online shop is awesome with hundreds of new styles being placed on their website weekly. Everything from staple pieces to fast fashion will be at the tips of your fingers. Might I mention, 40% off sales are a common thing, and their student discount is to die for.

5. Nordstrom

An absolute classic! Do you like name brands? Girl, Nordstrom has got your back. Nordstrom carries the same items of Free People, Nike, etc. and more has been known to be frequently on sale for better prices.

These stores are never closed when you are online, so happy shopping.