Your Next Favorite YouTuber: Amber Scholl

Watching YouTube videos is one of the best ways to take a break from all of the studying that comes along with being a college student. Sometimes, all you want to do is out on a playful video to give yourself a mood boost, or to give yourself a chance to relax and escape reality for a little while. There are thousands upon thousands of channels to watch, and sometimes, it can be frustrating trying to find someone you find authentic and relatable nowadays. 

Personally, one of my favorite YouTubers is Amber Scholl. Although you may not recognize her yet, she is definitely someone to keep your eye on this year. 

Amber has a pretty impressive social media following: At the time of me writing this article, she has a whopping 3.14 million subscribers on YouTube, 840K followers on Instagram, and 93.5K followers on Twitter. That being said, her online journey hasn’t always boasted success. 

In her “Draw My Life” video posted in January of 2019, Amber explains how after graduating from Pepperdine University in 2011, she struggled to find jobs. Amber applied to several kinds of jobs (including accounting positions, even though she doesn’t like math). Eventually, she was driving for Postmates, trying to make ends meet as best she could (and she has some fun stories, including a time when she delivered food to Luke Hemmings of Five Seconds of Summer). However, things took a turn for the worst when she accidentally crashed her car, and with no insurance to pay for it and no way to deliver food anymore, she could have lost hope.  

But, Amber did what she does best: made cheap things look more expensive than they actually were. 

When you look at Amber’s channel, even with the following she has now, several of her videos are centered around DIYs, finding high quality dupes for designer items, and how to repurpose old clothes. For instance, Amber posted a video titled “Kylie Jenner Looks For Less” in September of 2019, and another titled “How To DIY A Celebrity Thanksgiving *for cheap*” posted in November of the same year. She also expresses her love for fashion and shoes, and even got the chance to collaborate with the brand Meshki on her own line of clothes. 

One of the things that makes Amber so appealing is that you can tell that she actually enjoys filming. She has fun while working, publishing videos showing her making a dress out of trash bags (which in my opinion, didn’t look bad at all!), trying on outlandish outfits at thrift stores (and always making even the tackiest of sweaters look fashionable), and a travel series in which she documents shopping all around the globe, including places such as Dubai and London. 

Amber is also a big believer in the law of attraction, and creates a dream board at the beginning of each year to motivate herself to go after her goals every single day. Her positivity, honesty, and authenticity is what makes her a great choice the next time you want a new YouTuber to watch. 

To close it off, I’ll take a quote from one of Amber’s first dream boards (and one that I put on mine for this year): What if it doesn’t come true? Ah, but what if it does.