Your Guide to Galentine's Day

A day filled with red roses and pink chocolate hearts is right around the corner. In just a few weeks you may be getting ready for a date with your significant other or watching rom-coms by yourself at home. Both are great options, but there is an even better way to spend the day or at least part of it, and that’s with you GAL PALS. Parks and Recreation is the first time that I have heard of Galentine’s day; a day filled celebrating your love for your besties and having a good time without all the romantic parts. There are so many things you and your friends can do. 

    First off you guys can treat each other to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. You can dress up in a cute red and pink outfit and look your best for a perfect photo opportunity. Be sure to check out the “Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas” article for some outfit inspo for a fun night with the girls. 

    If you are in the mood to get out and about but don’t want to task of getting all ready for a nice dinner, check out a movie premiering on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day a romantic drama, “The Photograph”, is coming out and seems like the perfect movie to watch with your favorite lady friends. 

    Now if you guys don’t feel like going out there are many ideas to do while staying in the comfort of your home. My favorite idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day with the girls is having a mini gift giving session. It works like a secret santa, where you each pick a name out of a hat and don’t let anyone know, but instead of having a price limit and multiple little gifts, you get each other a wine glass (or candy for those under age). Then you can each bring your own wine of choice for your new glass. 

    You and the girls can also watch some rom-coms on any streaming device. There are so many options that it may be hard to figure out which ones to watch. While staying in you can order an adorable heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s to share with everyone. 

    There are so many ways to celebrate Galentine’s day with your gal pals, whether you go out on the town or stay in in your comfiest pajamas. Galentine’s day is a great way to celebrate a love filled day with the ladies you love most in your life.