This Year's Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Hollywood stars of all ages dressed up as some super spooky, yet pretty unique characters over this past weekend right before Halloween. We wouldn’t expect anything less than over-the-top from these celebs, and each had their own look that was highlighted as being all in on the spirit for Halloween. Every year, the holiday brings out the different sides and personalities that celebrities don’t normally show, which makes their costumes that much more fun to see. A few chose to be other movie stars or artists, and others took their own spin on where they wanted to take their trendy outfits. They are dedicated to have the best appearance, and it’s almost like a Halloween type of fashion show with these A-listers shown below, which weren't even all of the costumes featured. Take your pick of which creative costumes were the best in your opinion!

Nicki Minaj as Harley Quinn

Jessica Biel as Justin Timberlake in NSYNC and Timberlake as a microphone

Demi Lovato as Lady Pennywise

Gabrielle Union-Wade as Isis, her character in Bring It On

And last but not least.... Stormi Webster as mom Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala

Living through celebrities is always fun, especially during spooky season! Happy Halloween!