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Wordle and Notion: Are these TikTok trending apps/websites actually worth it?

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Ever since TikTok blew up a few years ago, every so often ads flood my For You feed. These ads can be for simple everyday places like Target or Starbucks. They can also be for things that are new and upcoming. A lot of ads that I’ve recently been seeing are for new upcoming websites and apps including Wordle and Notion

Wordle is a mobile or computer-based game that allows its users to guess a five-letter word up to six times. Each day there is a new word to guess. Every time a user guesses a word, the boxes will either light up gray, green, or yellow. 

Gray means that that letter is not in the final word whatsoever. Green means that the letter is in the word and in the location that it is meant to be. Yellow means that that letter is in the word just not in the right location. 

Wordle has gotten very popular lately especially within the college-aged crowd. The competition and desire to get the daily word in the least amount of guesses is definitely something that drives players to play. 

If you dare to try your own luck at discovering the mystery word, visit the site and give it a try.

The next website/app that I’ve seen multiple times on my For You page has been for Notion. Notion is essentially an online bullet journal. There are a lot of different templates that Notion has to offer its users. 

One of my personal favorites is the journal option. I’ve personally always loved the idea of journaling but the whole act of actually using pen and paper to write things down is unappealing. I can type faster than I can actually write so having access to an online journal rocks. 

Other than the journal feature, Notion has templates to keep track of your daily habits, task lists, things you are currently reading, etc. Literally, anything you could think of putting in a bullet journal, you will probably be able to find on Notion.

Unlike Wordle, you do need to sign up for Notion but to do so is really easy. 

If I had to compare both and review both websites, I would say that Wordle is more user-friendly than Notion is. Wordle is a straightforward game that honestly does not take a lot of thought to solve. 

As a perfectionist, Notion is in theory a good idea. It took me a lot of time to figure out exactly the theme I wanted to go for. It can also be hard to figure out how to use a certain template. Other than those small issues, I do think Notion is fun. It saves me a lot of writing time and offers me a safe space to get my thoughts out. 

As I continue to use TikTok every day, more and more ads accumulate. I’ve high a lot of success with Wordle and Notion so moving forward I will continue to try out things that TikTok advertises to me.       

Sarah Baran

Illinois State '22

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