Why I Donated my Hair

I have been growing out my hair for as long as I can remember. I feel like I have been known as the girl with long hair at school. When people think of me that is something that comes to mind. Most people don’t know but I have been wanting to chop it off for two years now. So, what is holding me back? The easy answer is I want it to be long for any formal events I attend. Another answer is it should be as long as possible for when I donate it. However, the real answer is I am afraid. After asking family members and friends, everyone had varying opinions. Most of them weren’t positive or were merely skeptical of the thought of me with short hair. This idea had me worried for a while and I put the donation thought on the back burner.

Suddenly it’s my freshman year of college and I find myself struggling every day at school to keep up with my hair. Having to wash it every day is a pain. I constantly throw it in a bun to get it out of my face. It’s the longest it has ever been. And I’m finding pieces of hair all over my dorm. By this point I am so tired of it, other than the convenience of my ponytail for when I am working out.

The next thing I know I am moving out of my freshman door, a little sooner than expected. Stuck at home with nowhere to go for a while. (Note: shelter in place for COVID-19 was not set at this time). I decide I want to trim my hair, after giving my older brother a haircut for the first time ever. My mom and I start talking and she suggests, “Why don’t you donate it? Now would be the time.” The next thing I know I am texting my neighbor to come over and cut my hair. She is nothing but enthusiastic. I hear the cut of the scissors and suddenly I have short hair.

I instantly felt relief; my new hair was beautiful. I assumed long hair was part of my identity, but it is just a small part of my appearance. To my surprise I feel more confident in myself now than when I had my long hair. I love how it looks and I feel no less like me than I did before. After receiving a ton of positive feedback from my family and friends, I knew I made the right decision.

Knowing there are children suffering from cancer saddens me. With that being said I know there is a kid out there who is going to have a wig made, which is the most important thing to me. This brings me more joy than I ever thought was possible from this small act of cutting my hair. My only regret is that I didn’t donate it sooner. If you are thinking about donating your hair as well, I say go for it.