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Why I Chose to Minor in Italian Studies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

When it comes to choosing a minor in college, the process can be extremely difficult. People choose minors based on a multitude of different reasons that may or may not include passion. I chose my Italian studies minor because I took Italian in high school, and I ended up enjoying and being passionate about the course material.

I am not extremely Italian, nor do I have family members who speak Italian. I chose Italian because I thought it was different. I wanted something that other people might be surprised by, and don’t get me wrong, I love the reactions I get when I tell people what I’m minoring in. People usually respond with questions and curiosity, which is exciting. I know that the way I answer those questions could have the potential to inspire someone else to minor in a language, even if that language is not Italian specifically. The fact of the matter is that learning new languages is so beneficial for you and for the people around you. From improving your memory to assisting you in a future career, learning languages is extremely valuable.

If you are interested in learning a language, and you’re not sure where to start, I would personally recommend researching the different cultures behind that language and finding which one speaks to you the most. Another way to determine what language might be a nice fit for you could be by thinking of a place you have always wanted to visit. If you can think of a place in the world that is your dream destination, research the different languages used there.

Another valuable tip for learning new languages is that you do not necessarily have to fit classes into your college schedule and get credit for the material you are learning. There are countless websites and services that could assist you in your language learning journey.

Since I want to be a high school English teacher, I thought that I could bring the Italian content I have learned to high schools that I might teach at. Unfortunately, Italian is not a language that is commonly taught in schools. Giving students an Italian language experience like the experiences I had in high school would be exceedingly rewarding and I am looking forward to seeing where my Italian language journey might take me.

If you’re looking for a solid minor in college, or if you want a new hobby or activity to do, learn a language! The amount of knowledge I have gained from my experiences learning a language are unfathomable. Go do some research and have fun. Ciao!

Jillian Groot

Illinois State '24

My name is Jillian Groot and I am a senior English education major with an Italian studies minor at Illinois State University.