Why Fall is the Most Loved Season

Now I know this is not everyone’s favorite season, but it is for sure one of the top seasons out of the four. Here is a list of why I believe Fall is the most loved season!

1. Not too Hot and Not too Cold

Don’t you just hate when you step outside the minute after styling you hair, and the heat just ruins it? Or when it’s so darn cold outside you must walk around with ten layers of clothing on? Yeah, same! The fall season is one of those times where you can throw on a crew neck and a pair of leggings and be comfortable sitting outside. I would rather have 60-70 degree weather rather than negative 20 degrees.

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2. Changing Colors

Even though spring and fall have similar temperatures, the fall season comes with the many changing colors throughout the season. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE when the leaves change colors to a mixture of red, orange, and yellow. Nature is such a sight, and watching it take its course throughout this season is breathtaking.

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3. Oversized Clothing

This type of style has been such a trend the past few years. Who doesn’t love oversized clothing? I will go buy a large sweatshirt before I buy a small. I could care less about buying clothes that fit my body. You can wear any type of clothing of any size during any season! I personally like wearing this type of clothing during the Fall season because it makes me feel cozy.

4. Activities

There are many activities that only occur during the fall season such as, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, haunted housing, TRICK-OR-TREATING, Barn Dance, and many more. I feel like I never have to worry finding something to do on the weekends because there is always so much to do during this time!

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5. Spooky Szn

For some reason, the term “Spooky Szn” has been such a meme this year. This season is the time everyone can dress up in their most revealing clothing, or even a taco costume and head to a nearby party. This season also is the time for haunted housing! I honestly have no idea why people choose to pay money to be scared, but I guess I am just a scaredy cat? So, if you are brave enough, grab a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a group of people, and head to a nearby haunted house for a night of fun!

6. One Season Closer to CHRISTMAS

Sorry Halloween, but I got to say Christmas is the best holiday of the year, besides my birthday of course. But I personally HATE the winter! I only like snow on Christmas and then after that, it can go away. Not sure if this point helps prove my point, but I guess you could say this point has no relation to why fall is the most loved season other than that it is the last season before Christmas!

Fall time is personally the favorite time of the year (besides Christmas). I feel more creative with my wardrobe and I can sit outside and enjoy the weather without freezing my butt off! It also comes with many opportunities for fun events to do with friends or family!


Lots of Love,

Lil Boomer