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White Wine Guide for the College Girl

Oh, white wine. Whether it is a girls’ night in or a night out, wine is a beloved drink many of us women adore. Wine can be tricky, though. I am no expert or wine connoisseur, but I have picked up on a thing or two about white wine throughout my wine journey.


I am going to stick to discussing three types of white wine because for me, these are my top “go-to’s.” I will also give some bottle recommendations of each.


Moscato: Sweet, sweet Moscato. If you are new at drinking wine, this might be the best for you. This is a super sweet dessert wine; it almost tastes like juice. It may be too sweet for some, but for many, that is what they love about it. I caution you, this type of wine is known for heavy hangovers. You’ve been warned.


Recommendations: Barefoot, Cupcake


Pinot Grigio: Oh, Pinot Grigio… *cue Lady Gaga’s anthem Pinot Grigio Girls* My absolute favorite wine.  Not as sweet as Moscato and not as dry/woody as Chardonnay, this wine is on the light/citrusy side. I personally started drinking Moscato and then made the shift to Pinot Grigio. This is a very popular white wine choice for a reason, trust me.


Recommendations: Chloe, Barefoot, Belle Ambiance, Cupcake, Da Vinci, Prophecy, Thorny Rose


Chardonnay: This happens to be my mother’s favorite, so in the rare moments Pinot Grigio was not available, I have tried Chardonnay and have now grown to appreciate it. This wine is on the woody tasting side, but it still has a slight fruity taste. More of an acquired taste, I have found it is great at dinners!


Recommendations: William Hill, La Crema, Dreaming Tree


My personal idea of “steps” of white wine are these three I discussed. There are so many more types of wine, but these are the three I consider myself validated to discuss, haha. Now gather your girlfriends, or maybe draw yourself a bubble bath, and pour yourself a glass of wine!




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