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As everyone knows Olivia Rodrego is an up and coming artist who made an enormous splash in the beginning of 2021 with her popular song “Drivers Licence”. Since then her career has been on the rise. Along with her most recent release of her song Deja vu, Olivia announced on April 13th that in late may she will be releasing a full album entitled Sour and fans are excited.

The album release date is set for Friday, May 21st and we can not wait until we can see the magic behind these new songs. Her last two releases have shown her fan base that she is anything but a predictable artist, and this excitement has generated a lot of buzz over the past few months. There are eleven songs projected to be on the new album. The order of the songs will be “Brutal”, “Traitor”, “drivers license”, “1 step forward, 3 steps back”, “deja vu”, “good 4 u”, “enough for you”, “happier”, “jealousy, jealousy”, “favorite crime”, and “hope ur ok”. Now that we have the track names we can only begin to imagine what the music will actually sound like. 

The 18 year old singer is following in the footsteps of her idols Taylor Swift and Lorde, and she is even said to be Taylor’s little protegée. This album is speculated to show off what it means for Olivia to be her true self as well as show her talents in musical diversity. Olivia said that she tried to include multiple genres, some of them being pop, alt-rock, alt-pop, and folk music all in one.

Sadly we still don’t know too much about what the album will truly bring us. But as a former Disney star Olivia has had a full career of entertainment. If her first two releases are any indication as to the type of music will be on her new album we know we are in for a huge hit, with a lot more to come. There is also word that a tour could be a possibility as well. The suspense might be killing us but this new album is definitely going to be sweet...or better yet Sour. 

Julia Perrone

Illinois State '24

Julia Perrone is a Sophomore at Illinois State University studying Business Administration. She enjoys Big Brother, tigers, and the color pink. Julia has been a supervisor at lifetime fitness for two years and has recieved her Girl Scout Gold Award. She looks forward to empowering women through her future articles, and is excited to be a part of this community.
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