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What Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Let’s face it, the Super Bowl without the commercials would be about as entertaining as watching 10 second increments of men tackling each other (literally). In order to get more than football fans to watch the final game of the NFL series, companies spend millions of dollars to have their commercial be viewed as the best. So not only were the Denver Broncos and North Carolina Panthers competing for the winning title, but companies were competing for the winning commercial. From the humorous Dorito commercials to domestic violence PSA’s, everyone is bound to find a commercial that speaks to them in some way. So, try to forget about the amount of food you consumed on Sunday and take a look at what your favorite commercial says about you!

1. Astrazeneca Constipation Commercial 

You are observant and often look deeper than what is in front of you. Instead of letting life fly right past you, you truly listen to Ferris Bueller and stop to look at life. In a world full of puppies, cars and chips, you have a keen eye that spots what stands out most. What’s great about you is that you have an awesome sense of humor and are understanding of people who may have *cough cough* issues.

2. Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby Commercial

There are not many people in this world that are capable of having such an appreciation for the puppy, monkey, baby hybrid that so graciously appeared on our televisions Sunday night. For some, your love of it may come from the fact that you drink Mountain Dew. For others, it will be because those three living things are the absolute cutest. Either way, if you love this commercial it means you have spunk and are angry this majestic creature hasn’t come into your life before.

3. Bud Light’s Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan Commercial

Politics isn’t really your thing but you love pop culture. Since Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan could probably switch brains and no one would know, chances are you love the both of them and anything that involves the two hilarious comedians. As the duo repair the United States in a non-conventional way, you probably sat on the couch thinking, “Wait, this could work”. Your positive outlook on life, as well as your out-of-the-box imagination is what we need most in this country.

4. Heinz Ketchup Weiner Dog Commercial

To be honest, you are probably that one friend who stops on the sidewalk to have a conversation with the neighborhood dog. In this commercial, Heinz made all of our dreams come true by adding two of America’s most beloved things: dogs and condiments. Not only does that make you a true American for loving this commercial, but it also shows you have a soft side that comes out on occasion. This commercial speaks to you so much that you have probably just ordered a wearable hot dog bun for your dog off of eBay.

5. Doritos Ultrasound Commercial

Among many other reactions, this one probably had you gasp in horror at the end. Unlike the Doritos commercials that expectedly are shown every year during the Super Bowl, this one is spontaneous and unpredictable just like you. Anything that is out of the ordinary is right up your alley, which is why this bizarre Doritos commercial nearly left you on the floor laughing. 

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