What Your Favorite Snapchat Filter Says About You Featuring the Women of Her Campus Illinois State

Before Snapchat filters, how did we take selfies? Did we really just take normal selfies without cartoon ears and noses? Well, now we’re in an era where we constantly use filters, and like most people, I’m here for it. Snapchat filters are so versatile, and each one speaks to your personality. So here’s what each Snapchat filter means about you, featuring the beautiful ladies of Her Campus Illinois State!


Dog Filter

The most classic of filters is the dog filter. This filter has a bad rep and is commonly known as the “hoe” filter. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. If you’ve heard the common misconception but still use this filter, that means you’re a very strong person. You’re the type of person who doesn’t have time to care what people because you’re too busy taking care of you. Go girl – rock that dog filter and do you!

Flower Crown Filter

Oh, the flower crowns – this filter shows you’re a girly-girl. There’s a good chance you’re not only a girly-girl, but you also know how to stunt in the makeup department.  You love your look, hence the filter only being on top of your head with nothing messing with your make up. Rock that bold lip and that flower crown!

Big Mouth Filter

This filter is hilarious. There’s no way you can use this filter and not laugh. You’re the person who’s always making jokes and sending this filter to people to brighten their day. You not only are the funny one, but you’re also everyone’s best friend. You love to make people laugh, and you know how to be anyone’s best friend. You don’t take yourself very seriously because you’d be rather having fun, laughing and focusing on the positives.

Hip Bear Filter

This filter doesn’t have a name, so I’m calling it the hip bear filter because if you use this filter, you might just be a hipster or a fashionable person. Those clear circle glasses are hard to rock in real life, but this filter makes it look easy. You love all things fashion and keep up to date on the latest trend. The hip bear filter is for the girl who knows she looks good and wants to flaunt that fact in the hippest way possible.

Watermelon Bunny Filter

You’re the girl who loves all things summer. With the fall season coming up quickly, you already miss eating watermelon, poolside in the sun. Not to fear, though, because this filter will shoot you straight back to those summer days. You love having fun and going out with friends, and of course you’re by far the most outgoing person everyone meets.

Black Bow Filter

Although this filter didn’t last long, it gave off majorly cute, goth-girl vibes. This filter shows you are such a diverse person. You love all types of music, books, and movies. You’re the chilliest person in your friend group whenever someone want to just hang out and watch a movie.

All Ears & Nose Filters

If a filter consists of cute cartoon ears and a little nose, we’re all here for it. If this filter or something similar is your go-to filter, you’re a boss lady. You don’t have time to mess around with anything that will get you off track. You’re extremely task driven and don’t let the little things get in your way. You’re the most positive person around because you don’t let negative people hold you back.

Crown Heart Filter

The obvious thing to say here is that you’re the most loveable person everyone knows, but the truth is… you’re the most loveable person everyone knows. You put everyone above yourself because the most important thing to you is making sure everyone is happy. You love love and all things happiness.

School Bus Filter

This filter does confuse me, but it also makes me laugh. If you ever rocked this filter while it was around, you are 100% a class clown. You love to make others laugh and always succeed at doing so. When your friends are down, they know that you’re the friend who will do whatever to make them feel better. Not only are you always happy making people laugh, but you’re also a genuinely happy person all of the time.

Black & White Filter

This filter is giving me very classic, good girl vibes. If you’ve used this filter, you’re probably the nice one in your friend group. Not necessarily the goody two shoes, but when it comes to your temper, it takes a lot to set you off. You’re classy and intelligent and always know how to keep positive vibes all the time.