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What Not To Do In PCB

365 days later and it is finally time for another Spring Break. While some spend their week catching up on sleep, only the brave will venture on down to Panama City Beach, Florida. If you’ve been there yourself then you know when someone says ‘good luck’ that they sincerely mean it. This is one week of your life that you will never forget. Between the long mornings and nights out, mistakes will be made. With that being said, here is a CONDENSED list of things you should probably avoid doing while in PCB:

  1. DON’T go to Walmart- bring as much down there as possible because a Walmart trip will take around 2 hours.
  2. … but don’t forget to buy/bring water.
  3. DON’T flash for ANYTHING.
  4. DON’T overpack.
  5. DON’T be a princess (Like putting on makeup & curling hair for the beach).
  6. DON’T lose site of your school flag for a second.
  7. DON’T commit to a hard alcohol only diet – get some carbs in your life.
  8. DON’Tcall your Mom or Dad at 2PM blacked out.
  9. BUT reply to their text within 12 hours so they know you’re alive.
  10. DON’T forget your fanny pack.
  11. DON’T pay $100 for cover.
  12. DON’T lose your phone.
  13. DON’T wander off without telling someone.
  14. DON’T wait an hour for a bathroom – the ocean is your friend.
  15. DON’T nap, just rally.
  16. DON’T get so drunk you miss Luke Bryan’s performance.
  17. DON’T talk to TV anchors.
  18. DON’T go with your SO back at home.
  19. DON’T get in a strangers car.
  20. DON’T pretend it’s like one long weekend at ISU, venture out and meet people from other schools.
  21. DON’T expect to go to any bar other than Spinnakers……so make sure to buy the Spinnakers pass.
  22. DON’T stay anywhere other than the Summit or you’ll have to pay a way to much money for taxis.
  23. BUT really, PCB is beautiful so do a little sight seeing if you can.
  24. DON’T sleep in until noon….people are already up and going by 8 AM.
  25. BUT just remember don’t regret anything you do…what happens in PCB stays there.


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Grace Masching

Illinois State

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