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What fictional character you are based on your Myers-Briggs

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If you have never heard of the Myers-Briggs before, it is a personality test that asks you various questions about your personal preferences, and based on your answers, your result explains how you see the world. From this test, you can see your strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, view of the world, how you make decisions and how you act in social situations. Your answer will be displayed using a four-letter combination to indicate the four different traits you exhibit. I suggest you jump to the 16 personalities website and take the test to get your results and see which character you are most like!


A perfect example of someone who values order and is dedicated is Dr. Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy. Many find this character to be direct and intense when communicating with colleagues and interns that work under her supervision. She gets what she wants and doesn’t back down from a challenge. ESTJ’s are driven, passionate, outspoken people who have a strong sense of right and wrong.


As many know the notorious Cheerio’s coach Sue Sylvester is a definite ENTJ. The Glee hater is ruthless and will cross any line just to get what she wants. She is proud of who she is and doesn’t care to change for anyone, no matter how much she is hated. She values feelings of power and the upper hand, as ENTJ’s appreciate dominance over others.


Jessica Day is a bright, bubbly girl from the show New Girl. She is known to be the bestest friend a person could have as she is a great listener, positive as ever and is there to help in any time of need. Alike to Jessica Day, those with the ESFJ personality trait are very generous and strive to make others feel loved and supported. They have strong relationships but may often act too selfless to the point of self-neglect.


Known to be the “mom-friend” of the group, ENFJ’s are compassionate leaders who have a great ability to influence others for the better. They are inspiring and great communicators, so it makes sense that Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother is an ENFJ. She is always there for her friends and gives them great advice to help in their life decisions.


In the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, there needs to be a strong leader who strives toward a common goal. Rick Grimes is a ISTJ in the way he leads to keep his group alive. He is protective, passionate and practical in every decision he makes. He takes everyone into consideration and leads his group with integrity.


As one of the most iconic teen movies of the 00’s, Mean Girls has a great variety of characters who face the common challenges of high school cliques. Cady Heron is an ISFJ, expressed in how she was observant of the quirks of those around her. Before she began scheming against Regina, she was always reliable and supportive of her friends.


Beth Harmon from the limited series The Queen’s Gambit is very strategic and poised in her games of chess and in interpersonal relationships. Alike to INTJ’s, she knows how to get in someone’s head and is self-assured about her strengths. When she isn’t in control, she is uneasy and self-critical. She overthinks every wrong decision she makes and rarely celebrates her victories.


As the leader of the Special Victims Unit, Olivia Benson is a compassionate advocate for those who have been wronged, and she is determined in fighting for justice. INFJ’s often put others before themselves and expect nothing but the best from themselves at all times. They develop strong connections with others through their innate sense of empathy and understanding.


Max Mayfield is determined and relies on her own perception in Stranger Things. She may seem too blunt but she also has an ability to empathize with others. ESTP’s are often curious about everything and are brave enough to find answers, even if it means risking their safety. Max is strong-willed and relentless which shows through her investigative skills and argumentative nature.


Jesse Pinkman is known as a street-smart punk in his partnership with Walter White in Breaking Bad. Over the series, we see Pinkman develop into a more sensitive and compassionate character. He plays the “voice of reason” in his partnership and feels remorse over his actions. ESFP’s tend to engage in activities with immediate gratification and neglect their responsibilities and long-term plans.


Jim Halpert is best known for his witty disposition and ironic facial expression as he looks at the camera in The Office. He is considerate of those around him and could never resist a good prank opportunity. Jim doesn’t care much for what he does at his job, but he does care much for who he works with. As an ENTP, he is often found brainstorming ideas and dismissing his responsibilities to try something a bit more fun.


The upbeat, lovable Lorelai Gilmore is a great example of an ENFP as she is very sociable and unapologetically herself. She is vibrant and holds close interpersonal relationships with others. She is always there for her friends and expects them to do the same for her. Considering her strong affinity for caffeine she is often restless and overexcited about new projects or happenings in her life and the lives of loved ones.


Maeve Wiley is a quick-witted and knowledgable outcast in the show Sex Education. She hides her feelings deep within herself and makes decisions often with her brain, not her heart. Despite her harsh persona, she is sensitive to the opinions of loved ones and stands up for others when the opportunity arises. An ISTP is often stubborn and engages in risky behavior, but is self-reliant and can rationalize their decisions using logic.


Many know Fezco from Euphoria to be calm and collected despite his risk-taking behaviors. Despite his hard exterior, Fez is sensitive to the feelings of his loved ones. He has an “it is what it is” attitude, which many ISFP’s possess, but will stick up for the people that he loves. ISFP’s often take others into consideration, but don’t let others take care of them as they are very self-reliant individuals.


Big-brained Spencer Reid is always found analyzing the acts of others and coming to valid conclusions in the show Criminal Minds. He is very curious and will often be caught being in his own head. Reid doesn’t have very strong interpersonal relationships due to his technical demeanor and obsession with analytics. INTP’s are strong thinkers and have great problem-solving skills.


Penelope Featherington is often seen listening and giving friends advice in Bridgerton. Despite her observant nature, she is very intuitive of others’ feelings which is what makes her a perfect Lady Whistledown. She is creative in her writing though has unrealistic expectations, like many INFP’s. Penelope longs for a deep relationship with Colin Bridgerton throughout the series, which appears as desperation.

I hope you all feel that you resonated well with your results and the character of the same MBTI! Try to convince your friends to take it too and share your results! Thank you for reading!

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