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What Every Friend Group Has!

If you’re lucky, you have a group of friends who are ride-or-die – no doubt about that. They’re girls who would drop everything for you, do anything for you, and who have seen you at your worst and best times. They’re the ones who will stuff their faces with an extra-large Papa John’s pizza with you and hold no judgment what-so-ever.

You’ve been through thick and thin with them, and if you lost them, you probably wouldn’t know how to cope without them. They’re your “sisters” you can be yourself with and who knows every gross detail about you – the secrets and details you couldn’t even tell your own siblings.

That being said, there are different types of friends within these groups. Here’s just some of them:

The mother friend

Need advice on whether or not going over to that boy’s house is a good idea? No matter what the circumstance is, this friend is always your go-to before you make the wrong decision yourself. She’s always there for you, as you are for her. Sometimes you feel like she’s being passive aggressive or judgmental – that’s only because she wants you to do the right thing. She doesn’t want you to come back disappointed or lost in the end, and she doesn’t want to be the one to say “I told you so.” She is always looking out for her “children” and wants to know every little detail about their lives, just like your mother. You tend to go to her about everything because you know she won’t tell a single soul your secrets or gossip about you. Deep down, you know she is most likely right – even if you don’t want her to be.

The emotional friend

Friend: “Why are you crying?”

Emotional friend: “Because I’m watching cute cat videos!”

This friend is the one who will – most likely – cry through every movie, cry over every gift you give her, and cry over every cute animal she sees. Okay, maybe that’s going a little overboard, but she’s emotional over most things! She’s a good friend to have and gives great advice because she just gets so happy when something goes right in your life! Her heart usually goes above and beyond when it comes to her friends because she only wants the best for everyone. But when sad/bad news comes around, you know she’ll be right there with you sharing your tears, eating Hershey bars, and drinking wine. Sometimes you just need to have someone to be emotional with to make you feel better!

The crazy, “TAKE A SHOT” friend

When you want to go out on a Friday night, you always have that one friend on speed dial who will never pass up an opportunity to go out. This type of friend is fun to be around, and whenever you’re with her, you know you’re going to have a great time! When you look at her SnapChat story, you can probably find her at the nearest bar during the week or drinking a glass of wine if she decided to stay in. She spends her days doing her work – usually quiet in class, but when it turns to night, she becomes an extrovert! She’s often the life of the party, and when you want advice from her, she usually tells you to “take a shot” and get over it.

The hot mess, last minute friend

You’ve created plans for the night with your friends, but there’s always that one friend you have to tell to be there at least 30 minutes early so she might actually be there on time. Or you say you’re going to be at her house in five minutes, and she says, “okay, I’m ready,” but she’s actually still in bed. She’s usually off in her own “world” and in her own time zone. She’s often going off in her own direction, thinking about what’s due in class, doesn’t know when specific events are, and is just definitely not the type of person to be on top of things. But you still love her as a friend because she will always eventually show up and be there for you when you need her – it just might take a while.   

The coordinated, wise “Yoda” friend

You don’t know what’s going on in class or how to even do the homework, so who do you go to? Usually this type of friend seems to know everything and anything to a “T.” She’s the type of friend who has big dreams for her future, like medical or law school. She’s often too right all the time, and there are times you just feel dumb while talking to her. Sometimes her intelligence can get to her head, and she can come across as passive aggressive, but you still love her because she’s your own personal dictionary. Often, this friend is closer with the “mom” of the group because she tends to have the same knowledge on life and the same personality, as well. You know she will go far in life, and there are times when you wish her knowledge could just rub off on you.

The obnoxious, “WTF” friend

We all have that one friend who sometimes makes you wonder where she even came from. She’s just so out there, but you love everything about her! This type of friend doesn’t care what others think of her, and you admire that quality about her. She often comes off as “not-normal” and says basically every weird, strange, and obnoxious thing that comes to her mind – she rarely has a filter. You love her as a friend because she never judges anyone, she accepts everyone for who they are, she provides full support for her friends, and she will always be the one to put that smile on your face, no matter the circumstance! She knows and accepts that people see her as different or just plain weird, but she doesn’t want to be like everyone else. With this type of friend, you know she will be the first person to go out there and take chances, even though she knows she’s awkward and there is a 99.9% chance she will make a fool out of herself. After doing so, she’ll usually just laugh it off and use her past experiences to make jokes to cheer her friends up.

The “mean girl” friend

EVERYONE has that one friend you sometimes feel intimidated by. This type of friend has that confidence you often find yourself yearning for. She knows she’s perfect in every way, shape, and form. Often, she will say everything and anything without a filter and is the “queen” of great comebacks and sarcasm. You never imagined being friends with someone like this, but you’re glad you are. You can always count on her to have your back, and when you’re with her, that confidence rubs off on you. When you first met her, you didn’t want anything to do with her because you could tell that she was “queen-bee” in high school, and you weren’t. But once you got to know her, she turned out to be such a sweet person who just wants all of her friends to look at themselves as beautiful people. You know she’ll definitely step on someone if they start anything with you – you often have to say “don’t do anything.”

The best friend

As close as you may be to your other friends, nobody can compare to “your person!” This friend is the one you want to tell EVERYTHING to, no matter how gross, bad, or sad, or how the good the secret is – you want her to be the first person, or the only person, you tell. She is the one person who will always be there for you, no matter how far away she is, what she’s doing, or if she’s sleeping. Once she sees your name on her phone, she will always answer. She will drop everything to come to you if you send her an SOS text. She will be the one who will come over with an extra-large tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and an extra-large pizza when you’re having boy troubles. She’s usually the one who you want to spend every waking moment of your life with, or at least share every detail of your life with. She is the reason you haven’t dropped out of school yet and became a stripper. If you didn’t have her in your life, you would truly be lost. She is “your person” – finding another friend like her would be absolutely impossible!


It’s okay if you are the obnoxious, “unplanned,” or emotional friend – everyone needs all of these types of friends because  keeping them around gives your  life a bit more of “spark!”

Friends keep you on track, have your back, make you laugh, and let’s be honest – everyone needs to “TAKE A SHOT” sometimes!


You can find Meghan at the nearest mall dealing with her major shopaholic problem either coming out of a nearby Forever 21 or Pink. Meghan is from the the Northwest Chicago suburbs and is a senior with a Psychology major. She transferred to Illinois State University last year from Roosevelt University in Chicago and has loved every minute here at ISU! Meghan has always had a strong passion for writing and was super excieted when she got accepted in to the Her Campus Womens Magazine at ISU. She can't wait to see what's instore for her for the rest of the year while being a writer, and currently the Events Director, for the HC team!
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