What To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single

Ideas for what to do on Valentine’s day for you single ladies.


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and being single seems to be the worst on that special date. Why is it that this day has this idea that it is only fun if you have a boyfriend? Valentine’s Day does not have to be dreadful if you grab your girlfriends and make a night out of it. Here are some ideas for you and your girlfriends for February 14th:

Go See “50 Shades Darker”

Finally, 50 Shades Darker is coming out the week of Valentine’s Day! How on point is that? This is the perfect movie to go see with your girlfriends. Plan to go out to dinner beforehand, so basically you’re going on a date with your besties. Pre-order tickets because this will most likely be sold out fast, and make sure you make reservations for dinner!

Gather Your GF’s and Have a Sleepover

Sometimes the best thing to do is have a classic sleepover with all of your gal pals. Go gather the ice cream, Netflix, and wine for preparation of a fun night. Grab the necessities for a spa night too because every girl loves being pampered! This is perfect for chatting with your girlfriends all night about, “why you don’t need no man.” Grab your cute PJ’s and host a slumber party!

Have a Cozy Night at Home

If for some crazy reason all of your girlfriends have boyfriends and you don’t have big plans on this day, get cozy! Go home, start the bath, and unwind for the night. Sometimes all you need is a little you-time to relax. Make sure you have bubbles for your bubble bath and candles; these are absolute necessities to relaxation.

Do Not Overthink Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day does not have to be that dreaded date on the calendar if you are single. People often put too much stress on this day and it simply doesn’t deserve your stress. Hang with your girlies or enjoy some me-time. Whatever you end up doing just know it is completely fine to be single on Valentine’s Day.