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Tuesday How To: Newspaper Nails

Sick of boring old nail polish? So am I! To make awesome new prints, all you’ll need is a light and pale colored nail polish, (white tends to work the best) rubbing alcohol, a small glass, (a shot glass will do) newspaper, and a nail polish topcoat.
Step 1: Find a font or part of a newspaper print you want on your nail. A lot of people use the crossword section, but you can just use plain font if you want. It’s totally up to you! Cut them into strips to fit over your nails.
Step 2: Paint with your base coat, (the white or pale color you used.) Apply 2 or 3 coats.
Step 3: Pour rubbing alcohol into your dish. Once nail is completely dry, dip finger into alcohol for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4: Quickly grab your strip of newspaper and firmly press it on top of your nail. You need to do this step fast, because if you press it on for too long the newspaper will stick to your nail. Roll your finger as you gently pull the newspaper off the nail.

Step 5: Once fully dry, apply topcoat.


Voila! A cute new nail polish done in just minutes! Make sure you flip through the newspaper to find the best print for you!

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