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Tuesday How To: Magnetic Makeup Board

I face the same struggle every weekend. So it’s Friday night and I’m just about to start my makeup… and SOMEHOW every single item I want to use that night somehow got eaten up by my messy makeup bag! This DIY project is SO easy and I promise you it will save you time during your makeup routine! Oh, and did I mention it is super cheap and not time consuming!
What you’ll need:
-Magnetic Sheet (You can find it at Lowes for super cheap!)
-Picture Frame (To fit size of your magnetic sheet. You can also have a salesperson at Lowes cut it to fit the frame you want)
-Spray adhesive
-Strong glue
-Fabric/Scrapbook paper
-Old pill bottles (optional)
-Paint (optional)
Step 1:
Cut your fabric of choice or scrapbook paper to fit the size of the magnetic sheet.

Step 2:
Attach the fabric/paper to the sheet with spray adhesive.

Step 3:
Remove the glass from the picture frame, and put the magnetic sheet in the frame, just as you would a picture.

Step 4:
Grab all of your makeup and attach a magnet to each item with the strong glue. Some makeup items may require more than one magnet to attract to the board.

Step 5: (optional)
Use old pill bottles (you can paint them if you want) and also attach a magnet to them. You can store your brushes in there.


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