A Trendy Girls Guide to Target Shopping

This article is for all my fellow girls who associate themselves as part of TAA (Target Addicts Anonymous). Let’s face it, there is ALWAYS a reason to go to Target… running out of date ideas? Roam around Target together. Having a bad day? Treat yourself to a trip to Target. Having a really good day? Make it even better by going to Target. Bored? Buckle up and head over to Target!


It’s hard to describe the feeling of walking into Target; it’s like an oasis in the desert of daily routines. The sight of the $5 section at the entry serves as a reminder of which holiday to decorate for next! The clothing section that is freshly restocked every few weeks with $20 sweaters and basic tees that I most definitely do not need, but still buy. And then there’s my personal must see department every time I visit the mothership, the home decor section. This bit of paradise has the trendiest pieces to make the sterile dorm or college apartment feel just a little more like home. While in the home décor section, I always swing by the boujee area that I can’t afford. One day Chip and Joanna- one day. 


I know I am not alone in my love of that red bullseye. My favorite account (and my bank account’s least favorite) on Instagram is @thatgirlattarget. She keeps her followers updated on all the newest and cutest finds. All of the following pictures are from her account (so give her a follow!) Going to Target? Here are the “must see” departments… 



To keep it simple I’ll just say this- cheap, cute, and COMFY. You can never have enough. 




Belts, glasses, jewelry and more. Target accessories are super affordable and on target (no pun intended) with current fashion trends. If you want some fun additions to a basic outfit that won’t break your bank account, check out this section! 



If you don’t want the BRICK of padding that comes in the $60 Victoria Secret bras, Target has EXTREMLY comfortable bras, bralettes, and lounge crop tops that are long lasting, fashionable, and practical. 




Boots, sandals, heels…whatever you are looking for… Target is bound to have it. This company does a great job at keeping up to speed with the latest trends and seasons. 





This section ALWAYS gets me, the home decor!! Target has the cutest throw pillows, candles, knit blankets, and any basics needed to spice up a room and make it cozier. 


So next time you're bored, feeling down, or in a good mood… go to Target!! Your bank account may hate it, and your mom might call you once a month wondering why you made so many purchases, but life is short. Buy the sweater and the candle!



A Target loving girl.