Top 7 Must Have, HerCampus ISU Approved Apps


Pixlr Express PLUS: 
Pixlr is probably the greatest photo editing app you will EVER own. This app will make you look like a professional photographer in seconds with a tap, pinch and swipe. Pixlr puts Instagram to shame with so many filters and effects. It allows you to adjust your photos, add frames and stickers, and allows you to insert text with fresh new fonts. 
Blast from the past, anyone? Timehop shows you what you were doing and talking about a year ago today. Timehop connects your past Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts into one handy news stream. Each day you can see what you posted or tweeted one year ago to the day.  Talk about a trip down memory lane.  I looked at mine on Mondayand relived the good times of my freshman year ISU Homecoming. It’s interesting and embarrassing all at the same time. You will find yourself cringing at the pictures and laughing at how embarrassing and ridiculous your statuses were that you posted years ago. You can also repost your posts from last year to Facebook and Twitter to share with friends. Timehop is social media nostalgia at its best.
“My Story” on Snap Chat:
Okay obviously this is an app you probably already have, but have you updated it recently? If not, do it NOW. Snap Chat has added a feature called “My Story.” When you add a snap chat to your story it saves it for 24 hours. As the snap chats in your story add up, it becomes a short reel of video clips and pictures. It is the best way to recall your crazy Saturday night out with friends. Your snap chat friends can view your story and you can see who viewed it. 
Weather Pup/ Weather Kitty: 
So probably the CUTEST thing you will ever see is a puppy giving you the daily weather. I downloaded this app and I could not help but have a slight freak out about how cute it is. I honestly can say it’s the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Weather Pup tells you the weather, obviously, BUT with an added adorable puppy picture everyday! Who can resist a puppy? Thats right, NO ONE!
For all you cat people out there, you are in luck too my friends. Weather Kitty is just as adorable and the purr-fect way to start your day off right. 
If you have ever seen “How I Met Your Mother” you probably saw “The Best Burger in New York” in season four. You know, the one where Marshall searches all over New York trying to find the best burger in New York with Regis Philbin. Well, he could have just used the Matchbook app. Matchbook allows you to add restaurants that you have either been to or want to try, along with your own rating. You can search for the name of the restaurant and Matchbook will have you add it to your own “Love” list or “Try” list. Once you choose, you can add pictures of what you ate, notes and tags, as well as share it for your friends to see. Don’t be a Marshall… get Matchbook.
This app is similar to Pandora but it has playlists already created featuring songs to get you pumped up during your workout. The coolest thing about FITRadio is you are able to see what is coming up next and skip through the playlist. It has different playlists for each genre like hip-hop, rock, dub step, country and the Top 40 hits radio. FITRadio is a great way to get you in the mood to workout. You can also save your favorite playlists and makes it easy to access for next time. 
This app is Google maps times 10. Waze let’s you create a personalized icon that shows you where you are on its map. Waze allows you to add your home address to it so you never have to waste time retyping it in. The app alerts you of traffic issues, police, hazards and speed cameras while on the road. It also has an accident app where it allows you to describe the accident and take pictures of it to have stored on the map for others to see what kind of things are happening near them on the road. If your friends have Waze, you can send them invites to your address so they won’t need to ask you where you live!  Let Waze show them the way.  Waze also gives you gas prices and looks for the best deals around you. Plus, if you run into a problem on the road, Waze can help. The app lets you alert others of road closures and accidents and helps you avoid the police. Sounds good to me!