Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Starting a new school semester can really hurt your bank account. However, Poshmark is about to change that around! I recently joined Poshmark a couple months ago and made some extra money by just simply posting your unwanted clothes/ accessories on the website. Poshmark allows you to buy, sell, and trade items for a lower cost.


Since I use Poshmark daily, I am constantly posting new items to sell as well as looking at items to buy.  Some examples of items include clothes, shoes, accessories, and even home goods.


I wanted to share some tips on how to sell clothes in an effective and faster way so they do not sit in your closet and become forgotten. A first look at the item is the most important when it comes to effective selling!


  1. Follow, Share, and Like Other People’s Items

Interacting with other sellers is very important because it helps you show interest in their closet, so they will look at yours as well. Also, when other people share your items to their followers, it is expanding your closet to more people, not just your followers. Following as many people as you can gives them the opportunity to follow you back. The more followers, the more shares, leading to more sales!

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2. Do Not Wait to Ship Items

When an item is sold from your closet, you are given 5 days to ship before they can cancel. No one wants to wait around for a package especially because Poshmark includes express shipping. Try to ship your packages within 1-2 days after it is sold for positive feedback.


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3. Make Sure the Items Still Have Life Left in Them

It is okay if the items are used or worn, but sometimes too much is not okay. If there is an imperfection to the item, make sure it is noted in the description below. Make sure to clean the item before shipping it. You would not want to purchase another item that had a stain or hole in it that you did not know about.

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4. Have a Clear Cover Photo of the Item

The first photo of your item being sold is the first sight of the product the buyer will see when scrolling through closets. There could be hundreds of pairs of boots to be searched for, but making yours stand out can help it be sold faster. Make sure the photo is clear, honest, and has good lighting.


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5. Reasonably Price your Products

Be honest when it comes to pricing your products. If it was never used or worn, it is understandable to be a little higher. However, items should be lower than what they were originally paid for. If the price is not low enough, the buyer might as well buy it brand new.


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