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It’s the beginning of November, which means it’s the official start of the holiday season for 2021. While we do have some time before Christmas, Thanksgiving and fall break will be here before we know it, and it’s never too early to be excited about the festivities. After all, this year is flying by and it feels like it’s only going quicker as the months progress. 

While I always enjoy the spooky season, nothing measures up to the period of time from November 1st to January 1st––when the holiday cheer doesn’t cease for two months straight. Without further ado, here are the activities I’m most excited for during the upcoming holiday season. 

No. 5: The holiday drinks and treats at Starbucks, Dunkin, etc.

This one is a given as I am an avid coffee consumer, and it may be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer a good gingerbread latte over a pumpkin spice latte any day.  Also, we can’t ignore the fact that we have so many more flavor options in the holiday season over any other season. Peppermint, gingerbread, eggnog, chestnut and praline, toasted white mocha, you name it! It seems like there’s a different flavor for every day of the week and I’m here for it.

No. 4: Thanksgiving dinner with the loved ones

Last year we couldn’t gather for a good old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner with the family, for obvious reasons. This year, I know I’ll be making the time we have with family that much more special. I’m beyond ecstatic to come home from college during fall break and have the privilege to visit with my parents, siblings, and cousins. That, and my family’s stuffing recipe is to die for. My mouth is watering already.

No. 3: Building a gingerbread house

I have to admit, I’ve actually never built a gingerbread house in my life, so this year, it’s on my bucket list to do so. Maybe I can get my friends to join me and make it a friendly competition to see who can build and decorate the best gingerbread house. With friends or not, it’s happening.

No. 2: Black Friday shopping

Yet another event that was canceled last year due to obvious reasons. While shopping isn’t necessary, it has always been a tradition in my family to go out early morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving, drink copious amounts of coffee and get the deals. For me, it’s an excuse to spend time with my loved ones, and productively knock out some Christmas shopping along the way.

No. 1: Christmas cookie baking

This is by far my favorite festivity of the holiday season. My grandma was the best baker in the world, and luckily my aunts kept her delicious cookie recipes. Last year, since we couldn’t gather like we normally would, my dad and I put on our aprons and baked up a storm one Saturday morning in December, and we enjoyed peanut butter blossoms, seven-layer bars, gingersnaps and coffee cake. Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit more than home-baked treats.

Just writing about the activities I am most looking forward to is enough to get me more excited than I already am. I’m sure there are many more I did not include, but as of now, these are what make me the most jolly, if you will. I’m so excited to see all the blessings this upcoming season will bring us. Cheers!

Savannah Kallan

Illinois State '24

My name is Savannah Kallan, I am an English major who is passionate about words and poetry, but outside of academia, I have a lot for all things beauty! I love reviewing cool new products on the market, and doing everything in my power to push my boundaries and grow myself day by day.
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