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Things to Look Forward to in the Next Few Months

November and December are my favorite months of the year. Here are a few things to look forward to and get EXCITED about!


1. Thanksgiving and family time


Being away at college really makes you appreciate going home and spending time with your family. I have never been more excited to go home for Thanksgiving and have the fam squad back together! Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for and showing people your gratitude.


Thanksgiving is also the time you can get seconds of a plate filled with food and no one can judge you. Nothing is better than turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy drizzled on top.



2.  The Holidays


I am a HUGE Christmas kinda gal. Everything about the holidays makes me happy: the snow, ice skating, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, family time, and so much more. I am always the happiest during the month of December, and can’t wait to watch the snow fall with a coffee mug in my hand, a Christmas candle lit, and Christmas music playing in the background.


3. A New Year

Nothing is more exciting than a new year. With a new year comes new changes, new resolutions, and a new mindset. Almost everyone always feels motivated to work on their physical and mental health in the month of January, but that motivation should last year-round.



Life is so much better when you have things to look forward to.

Mackie Kelleher

Illinois State '21

Mackie Kelleher is a sophomore at Illinois State and is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Writing. In her free time, she loves to watch Netflix, read, and work out. She is a huge Starbucks lover and you can always find her there studying!
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