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Things I Took For Granted Before College

As a new freshman in college, I didn’t know what to expect or what life would be like. Everyone always says that college is the best 4 years of your life and you’ll have the time of your life and honestly this first month has been pretty amazing. I’ve met new people and joined new clubs and activities. I’ve gotten into a pretty solid routine, and life here seems at the most part great. There are however, a few things that I miss about home that I 100% took for granted. 

1) My car 

Obviously one of the bigger things that I and probably anyone who didn’t bring it with them to school took for granted while we were home. I knew I was going to miss my car when I came here, but I didn’t think it would be that much of an inconvenience. I can’t just get in the car and drive to the mall or go get food or anything. Now my entire life revolves around the bus, which doesn’t just suck but can also be inconvenient. 

2) Water pressure 

Taking showers here isn’t the worst thing in the world. Honestly the water pressure here is a lot better than most other universities, and I never even really noticed it until I went home for the first time and took a shower there. 

3) Having my own bathroom 

At home, I had to share a bathroom with my sister but that’s only with one other person and half the time that I’d be home she wouldn’t, so I basically had my own. Sharing with about 8-10 other girls isn’t the worst thing to ever happen but it can definitely become a bother. I always have to wear shoes if I want to go to the bathroom and when I leave my room, I have to lock it even if I’m going to be gone for .2 seconds. I also have to wear shoes in the shower too which is something that I normally wouldn’t have to do. 

4) Sitting in the shower 

Hopefully it’s not just me who does this but being able to actually sit down in the shower and shave your legs was definitely the bomb back home. I can barely even shave my leg in the space that I have in the showers now, so it’s gotten to the point where I only shave when necessary. 

5) Being able to sing and dance in my room as loud as I wanted 

I absolutely love my roommate and sharing a room isn’t a problem at all, but the walls in Watterson dorms are very thin. Back at home I was able to blast my music as loud as I wanted and dance all over my room. Here though, I can barely even listen to music without someone saying they can hear it from the bathroom. 

6) My washing machine 

This one is also kind of obvious. At home, it’s the best feeling to just be able to throw all your clothes into the machine and walk away and go do something. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here in college. Not only do you have to sit and stay with your laundry so it doesn’t get stolen, but you also have to pay for BOTH washing and drying. It’s rather sad. 

7) Candles 

Probably the smallest thing that I took for granted back home. I would always light a candle and just leave it burning for a little bit and not think anything of it. Now, because candles are not allowed in the dorm rooms, my roommate and I have had to resort to fake plastic candles and they literally burned out within the first week of moving in. Going into Bath and Body Works has been torturing since August. 

8) Making popcorn 

For those of you who either haven’t heard or don’t live in the area, Watterson has been having some difficulties with making popcorn. Within the past month, North tower has had to evacuate AT LEAST 5 times due to burnt popcorn. I very much miss being able to successfully make popcorn without having to worry about the fire alarm going off. 

Overall, college is definitely still the bomb.com even with all these withdrawals. I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my experience this far and I can only hope that it’ll get even better. A candle would be nice though. 



Sarah Baran

Illinois State '22

Hi!! My name is Sarah and I'm a senior at Illinois State. I am currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in Criminal Justice! I love HerCampus because it gives me the opportunity to write whatever I want. I've never really had this chance before so it's really amazing to get to experience. If you want to see more about my life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! @sarahs524
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