Things That Happen When Your BFF Studies Abroad

Things That Happen When Your BFF Studies Abroad

Spending practically everyday with your BFF is the norm until the day comes when they leave to study abroad. You knew that day was coming but when it actually arrives you are not prepared. Sending your best friend off to a different country for months is bittersweet. You are so excited for them, but also selfishly wonder what you will do without their presence. Without my BFF here I realized how much I needed her to for the little things like choosing what picture to post on Instagram, or what to text my crush. Here are some of the things you might have or will experience if your BFF studies abroad.

You realize just how much you hang with your BFF after they’re gone.

Seeing all of your BFF’s cool, trendy traveling pictures on Instagram makes you a bit jealous, but also proud of her Insta game being so strong.

When your BFF makes new friends and you feel like you’re being replaced. Don’t worry you’re definitely still the “official BFF”.

FaceTime is key. These precious calls are when you play catch up and tell each other every update, even if not noteworthy, like what you got at Starbucks that morning (things only they would care about).

When they come back it’s like nothings changed, and that’s how you know they’re your best friend forever.


Being apart from your best friend for a semester can seem like the end of the world. However, from personal experience I can say I survived and it made me realize how much I appreciate my BFF. If your BFF studies abroad now you know what to expect for those couple months, and if they are abroad now you know that distance can’t destroy any relationship true enough!