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Things Every Forgetful Person Knows Too Well

Ever feel like you have amnesia? Because I do. All the time. And if you’re like me, there are some situations you know all too well.

  1. That moment when you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten something. Forgetful people also usually have rotten timing as well, so this never happens at a convenient time. It’s never when you could actually do something about it. No. You never realize you’ve forgotten to print THE IMPORTANT PAPER as you’re still packing your backpack. Instead, it’s the second you walk into class.

  1. That awkward situation where you know you’ve forgotten something, but you can’t remember what you’ve forgotten. Yep, you’re Neville Longbottom with a remembrall. Except if you had one, you probably wouldn’t even remember where it was.

Which leads me to…

  1. Living that life where you’re constantly looking for your own personal belongings. I live this life so religiously that my aunt once gave me a St. Anthony pray card. Do I know where that card is? No. This has since evolved into never knowing the exact location of my phone. Even if it’s in my pocket.
  1. People telling you you’re having a “senior moment.” If you’re like me, sometimes you get up from your comfy nest of pillows, blankets, and Netflix to retrieve something from another room. Except when you get there, you can’t remember why you flew from your happy nest in the first place. If you happen to announce this out loud, there is always that very helpful person who proclaims, “Senior moment!” That’s how it is for me anyways.
  1. Constantly feeling like you’ve forgotten something even when you haven’t. Indeed. Your life is a mess of anxiety, paranoia, and dread.

If you regularly experience any of the above, congratulations! Your brain is like a black hole of memory.

Hi guys! I'm Holly, and I'm a writer for HerCampus at Illinois State. My interests includes feminism, superheroes, books, movies, tv shows, food, and puppies! As you can see, I enjoy a pretty eclectic range of things, but most importantly I'm just a regular college girl trying to live her best life. :)
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