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The Best Solo Halloween Costume Ideas for this Year

With the month of October already upon us, Halloween is quickly approaching! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, and I adore dressing up. With that being said, I’ve come up with a list of different solo costumes that I think would be great for this year’s Halloween.

Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is a great costume for this year—the new Disney live-action movie just came out, and it’s a fairly simple costume to put together. It’s also the kind of costume that is easily recognizable due to a few specific features. The most important attribute of this costume is the hair: half white and half black. Accessorize with some sort of animal print and black bottoms. Two other staples of this costume include the bright red gloves and cigarette holder.


Lavagirl is a classic, relevant Halloween costume. It’s a staple character from our childhood and is also a cute and easy costume. The most important parts of this look are the pink hair and pink bodysuit. Add on some flame sunglasses and bold pink eyeshadow to enhance the look. This costume is so fun!

Kim possible

Kim Possible is another iconic character that is rooted in our childhood. Kim Possible is a great costume because it is simple, recognizable and fashionable! For this one, you’ll need a red wig (if you don’t already have red hair), a black crop top and some green cargo pants. It’s that simple! This iconic costume is sure to be a hit this year.

Jessie from toy story

Jessie from Toy Story is yet another icon from our childhood. Her character is sassy and fun, and easy to portray! For this costume, the main items you would need are cow patterned pants and a red cowboy hat. From there, adding a side braid and star pin would complete the look. This is an easily recognizable costume that you could definitely have some fun with.


If you haven’t caught on yet, this article is really taking throwback to a whole new level. Yet another set of characters that resonate with our childhood: the Teletubbies! This could be a solo costume or a group costume, and it is super simple to construct. The main part of the costume is the headband which can easily be made out of pipe cleaners. The rest of the costume is just dressing up in your corresponding color! This is a fun, carefree, cute costume idea.

berries and cream lad

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you probably know the berries and cream lad. This started trending from an old commercial and includes the little lad doing a berries and cream dance. As someone who LOVES out of the box and iconic Halloween costumes, I think this is my favorite for this year. I hope to see a few costumes like this and think dressing up as the berries and cream lad would be truly iconic.

These are a few solo Halloween costumes that hopefully have inspired some of you. I know I personally might be looking into a few of these for my costumes this year. Here’s to another amazing Halloween this year filled with outstanding costumes!

Millie Dean

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