Stages of FOMO Told by The Bachelor’s Corinne

Stages of FOMO Told by The Bachelor’s Corinne


You absolutely love going out with your girlfriends on weekend nights. However, sometimes after a long day all you want to do is crawl in bed and watch Netflix. Your friends try to convince you to go out, but you simply just aren’t feeling it. It would be amazing to nap (like Corinne does best), save those calories and get a head start on your homework. You watch all your friends start to get ready… then the dreaded feeling starts to come. FOMO. Fear. Of. Missing. Out. Here is your night-in told by Corinne from The Bachelor.


You feel overly proud of yourself for being studious and not going out.

When everyone in the group chat is talking about the party, but you’d still rather stay in and watch Netflix and nap.

When you see your friends starting to get ready, blasting music, and it looks really fun.

You start to wonder if you should change your mind and go out. The indecisiveness kicks in.

Seeing all of the Snapchats of all your friends having a blast. After this, you feel the FOMO kicking in.

When you find out your crush is actually at the party you decided not to go to.

When you can’t handle the FOMO anymore and begin weighing the pros and cons of going out.

You then decide to get ready and meet your friends at the party. However, you aren’t feeling your makeup, hair, or outfit.  

After you accept defeat and stay in, and it ends up being the best decision ever.

Waking up feeling refreshed while everyone else is hungover.


Yes, FOMO is real. However, there will be plenty more parties and fun. Staying in one night won’t kill you, and nothing is better than waking up feeling amazing after getting some beauty sleep! So next time, if you want to stay in and feel the FOMO kick in, remember the stages of staying in as told by Corinne.