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Springfest 2019: Aly&AJ feat. Voilà and Matt Hall

I recently attended my first ever college concert and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Going to the concert and not having to worry about life’s stresses for a night was freeing and I would willingly do it again, even though I couldn’t feel my feet for days after.

Aly&AJ came to Illinois State University on May 1, 2019 as their first stop on their Sanctuary Tour that they will be doing this summer. They stated during the concert that this stop meant everything to them as it was their first stop and they were so glad to see a good turnout. Fans of all capacities came out whether they simply loved their classic songs or if they had recently gotten into many of their newer music including their EP Ten Years, and their recently released singles Church and Don’t Go Changing.

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I saw many die-heart fans come out, reminiscing about the band’s Disney Channel days as well as their excitement to jam out to their classics, especially Potential Breakup Song. One person even brought a Cow Belles DVD, a movie Aly&AJ had starred in during their Disney days, to the concert and held it up for Aly&AJ to see from onstage. This concert was an all out dream of our childhoods and it showed. 

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During the concert they played many of the songs from their EP album Ten Years that they released in 2017, with a deluxe version with even more songs coming out in November 2018. Throughout the concert they discussed the shows they are on, specifically Schooled and iZombie, which premiered for its final season on May 2, 2019 on the CW. They also said how this whole concert experience, they are “living vicariously” through us, their fans, and hope that their new EP, Sanctuary, which is out May 10, will be almost “a safe place for fans.” They talked how this was the whole point for the Sanctuary Tour as well as the EP, to have a safe place, almost a sanctuary, where all their fans can feel loved.

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I thoroughly enjoyed their concert and feel so lucky that they came to Illinois State. If you wish to see many of the highlights from the concert including the incredible jam fest everyone had during Potential Breakup Song, make sure to go check out my Instagram @emmeixell under my story highlights where I cataloged the best parts of the concert. Also if you would like to follow Aly and AJ’s journey as they continue their Sanctuary Tour make sure to go follow them on their Instagram @alyandaj

If you didn’t get a chance to see them yet in concert, tickets for the rest of their tour dates are available at https://alyandaj.com. If you would like to listen along to all their classic songs as well as their new EP and singles, go check out my Aly&AJ playlist I created through Spotify. All there old and new music is also available through Apple Music.

Words can not describe how thankfully I am to have experienced a childhood dream of mine during my college experience. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I finish my freshman year but I sure know it is going to be bright, like the stage lights in my face during this entire concert. 


Much love and peace



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