Sam Hunt Is Back And Better Than Ever

Country music artist Sam Hunt hadn’t put out any new music since May 16, 2018 when the single “Downtown’s Dead” was released. Being a huge country music fan myself, I eagerly anticipated new music from the 34 year old Georgia native. I was especially giddy this past Thursday with the release of Hunt’s newest single in over a year: “Kinfolks”. The song is reminiscent of old portions of his discography, but also stands out as the beginning of a new era for the singer. 

Sam’s Social Media For music lovers across all genres, several fans take notice when one of their favorite artists suddenly goes silent on social media. That was the case for the “Body Like a Backroad” crooner for months when he wiped all of the posts from his Instagram account. He gave fans false hope for new music when his Instagram became active again, however it was only to announce his participation in the Bud Light House Party Rocks Tour. However, all 2.2 million of Hunt’s followers on the app noticed when a photo of tools and a song lyric as a caption was posted from the account. In the days that followed, a new picture with another line from the new single was posted, up until October 9, 2019 when Hunt announced the release date for “Kinfolks”. In today’s world, social media has been a way in which musicians can heavily connect with fans, with several artists pushing to release content on social media platforms consistently each week. Though the communication is great, it can sometimes be stifling to an artist’s mental health. So, it was refreshing to see Hunt take a complete step back to focus on music he truly wanted to create. 

The Lyrics  In my opinion, one thing that country music does right is a love song, and Sam Hunt is no exception. I fell in love with his lyrics about love, but “Kinfolks” takes a different approach to a love story. The chorus doesn’t just talk about affection, but about the connection someone has to their hometown. Hunt sings, “I wanna introduce you to my kinfolks, to my old friends/To the house in the pines where the road ends/Take you to my hometown, where I grew up/Where I thought I knew it all before I knew what love was/Gave up on it, but honey you got my hopes up/And I’m thinking I wanna introduce you to my kinfolks.” The connection to the concept of hometowns and the vulnerability that brings leaves a nostalgic impression on listeners of several walks of life. I was especially drawn to the chorus when I first listened to the song for that reason. 

Touring and Musical Connections  Although Hunt has not yet made any further announcements in regards to a future tour or other information regarding his next album, he has had continued success in the past with his tours. In 2017, he went on the road to perform 30 dates for the “15 in a 30” tour alongside other top country artists including Maren Morris and Chris Janson. Hunt was also a featured guest on Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” tour, which even made a stop at Chicago’s own Wrigley Field. Hunt also has aided in writing songs for other big name artists including Keith Urban and Reba McEntire. So, it’s pretty clear to see that the singer is able to hold his own both on stage and behind the scenes in the studio. It makes it even more clear that he has the talent to take him to new levels in the next few years. 

It’s exciting to see him finally release music after a much deserved break. And, if you’re not much of a country music fan, I suggest at least checking him out. The style of his music has pop-undertones, so it’s definitely an appeal to lots of people. However, I think Sam himself says it best: “I think of a song in terms of lyrics and stories, and that’s what keeps it country to me.”