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Spring break is right around the corner, which means you’re stocking up on all the travel necessities. It is important to have everything you need for a long drive.

Here is a list of the top 10 essentials to make fewer stops and save money during your road trip.


1. Snacks

Bringing snacks is the best way to save money when you are on the road. Having a cooler with healthy snacks and a tote with some salty ones, will be a perfect variety for your trip! Some suggestions for healthy snacks are apples, cutie oranges, carrots and celery. Some great salty snacks are Chex mix, trail mix, Goldfish, pretzels etc.

2. Advil

Sitting in the same position for hours can be uncomfortable. Pack some Advil for pain or headache relief.

3. Kleenex

Always safe to have Kleenex along for the ride.

4. Water Bottles

If you bring disposable water bottles, you wont have to worrying about stopping to fill up!

5. Pillows and Blankets

Comfort is key when sitting in the same spot for hours. You can even take a nap when it is not your turn to drive!

6. Music or Audio Books 

Create or download a playlist to accompany your drive! Another great option is audio books!

7. Paper Directions or Screenshots

You never know when you will lose service! Have a screenshot or map of your directions just to be safe.

8. Car Phone Chargers

Have some chargers to ensure you will have battery for your GPS and audio of choice.

9. Garbage Bags

Keep your car free of trash by putting any wrappers, gum, water bottles or tissues in garbage bags!

10. Sunglasses

For morning and afternoon driving, the sun can be blinding, so bring some sunglasses!




Kaitlyn McCormick
Contributor account for Illinois State