Retail Worker Pet Peeves

My first job was in retail. Actually, all of my jobs have been retail. And let me tell you, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it ALL. From stealing, to messing up my perfectly folded table, you name it; I’ve dealt with it. Don’t get me wrong; I adore working retail, granted, I’m a fashion major. But, some things just really get on my nerves.

1. Stealing.

Nothing can be worse than finding a sensor in hidden places through out the store. It’s ridiculous how creative some people get, and don’t think we don’t know our “regulars.”


2. Having “No Email”


When you ask a person for their email to get promotions and they say, “I don’t have one” while they’re on Facebook and we all know you need an email to sign into Facebook. Just tell us, “No thanks.”


3. Crawling under fitting rooms.


I promise I’m not a mean person. I will never deny you a fitting room. All you have to do is ask! So please don’t slide under the door as I’m walking by you thinking I’ll never notice.


4. When customers mess up what you JUST organized.

Sizing the jean table is kind of relaxing and when you’re done it looks perfect. Nothing is more heart breaking seeing that perfect jean table unfolded because someone was looking for the size that was on the very bottom.


5. Leaving clothes in a pile in fitting rooms.

Enough said. At least fix them if they’re inside out.


6. Unattended children.

Now not all kids can be a pain, but we all have seen those ones that if they can reach it, it ends up on the floor. Strollers are highly recommended.