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Preparing For the Spring to Summer Transition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

The best part about the spring semester is knowing that summer has almost arrived. As I start to put down the textbooks and put my sunglasses on, there are other things I like to do to prepare for the summer season that you can incorporate too. 

  1. Create a playlist:

Obviously, everyone needs a soundtrack that backs up their summer dream life. I, like many others, take making playlists very seriously. Compile songs that represent the feeling you want your summer to have. Perhaps these are very upbeat songs that make you want to dance or music that you can read to while drinking a nice glass of lemonade. You don’t need just one playlist either, you can make multiple playlists for any of the adventures you may encounter during your summer. 

  1. Make a vision board:

Fantasizing about what you want your summer to look and feel like can make your spring semester slump a little more bearable. Create a vision board of the things you want to accomplish during your summer vacation. Like your playlist, this can encompass a range of things from spending every day at the pool to creating your own small business. Anything that will set the tone for your summer should be included, even if it feels unfeasible. 

  1. Evaluate your routines:

Not all routines fit every season. Between all the different seasons and various activities I do, one routine doesn’t work all year round for me. So, I like to figure out how I am going to change some of my lifestyle choices to fit my situation. This can include things like my skincare routine. If your skin is anything like mine, then it does a complete 180 from winter to summer. My skin has different needs in the two different seasons, so I like to evaluate what’s working for me and what isn’t. If you’re going to be out in the sun all day every day, then you might need to switch up your skincare products to fit that lifestyle. Other small lifestyle changes I might make are what time I wake up, when I go to bed and how much makeup I wear. 

  1. Plan outfits:

Finally, one of my favorite creative things I can do in preparation for summer is plan outfits. Now, this doesn’t mean going out and buying a bunch of new clothes. Look at what you already have and plan some go-to outfits. After winter, when I throw on a crew neck shirt and sweatpants most days, I love thinking about what outfits I can wear in the warmer weather. I always have a cute pair of shorts and a shirt in my mind that I can wear for pretty much any occasion. 

These are just the main things I like to do to prepare for the warmer weather. It gets me motivated to finish my semester on a high note so I can enjoy my couple of months of break. These things help me fantasize about what summertime may bring. With that, I can be prepared for any adventure I might encounter.

Sarah Knowlton

Illinois State '24

Hi I'm Sarah! I am a junior at Illinois State and I am majoring in Human Development and Family Science! After I finish my bachelor's degree, I plan to get my master's degree in Human Development and Family Science as well. Besides writing, I like to read, watch TikToks, make art, and bake!