Perks of Poshmark

Poshmark has become one of my new favorite apps these days. Being a shopaholic on a budget can be difficult, but thanks to Poshmark and these amazing perks, shopping on a budget just got ten times easier! 

1.Prices lower than retail

Personally, I think this is the best part about Poshmark. Do you ever see something at the store that you just love then, you look at the price tag and not love it as much? Me too. Pro tip! Search it on this app and odds are you’ll find it for less and barely used, if at all!


2.Making money

You can sell your unwanted clothes and accessories to make money! Trust me, on a college budget, it’s super nice! What I like to do is use the money I make from selling items to go towards items I buy, so it’s like you’re spending no money at all!


3.Quick shipping

G-bless priority mail! Poshmark creates their labels from USPS, so there’s 2-day shipping on all orders. In a time crunch for a specific item? No problem!


4.Wide variety

You can search just about anything on your wish list and find it in seconds. What one person may not like or want anymore, might be exactly what you’re looking for! There are tons of brands and styles available to shop from


5.User friendly 

I find other sites, like eBay, super confusing. Luckily, Poshmark is very user friendly with their app and it’s also similar to the set up of Instagram! Let’s be real, who doesn’t have Instagram?! 

Download it now and thank me later!! Happy shopping!