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Perks of Going Out and NOT Drinking

 “Ahhh, it’s the weekend.” All of us can testify to the good feeling that statement comes with. With Friday and Saturday seeming like they are never going to end, Sunday not making too soon of an appearance, college students live it up to the fullest on our days off. Going out with your favorite people has been a common practice with us 20-something year olds. However, many have fallen testimony to going out and always drinking. Many don’t know the perks of going out and NOT drinking so…being that I have done this more times than not, and while they are limited, I have found a few perks to the practice.

1. Not having to spend money

In college, there is no doubt that we are almost always pinching pennies… except of course when we make Chipotle a weekly destination (sorry mom and dad). Nonetheless, a night out can really start to rack up the dollar signs. The usual $5 for a cup, $15 for a bottle, or not to mention the bar tab that seems a lot more than you bargained for 30 minutes in, never ceases to make you wonder where all of your grocery money went. Good news! You can still get all dressed up, get your ‘yonce on, AND have fun with your friends without dropping a dime on alcohol. Trust me, you will end up with way more cash in your pocket and will be able to spend it on items that will last you way more than just one night; like those cute Apricot Lane heels you have been drooling over…

2. Actually being able to remember the night spent with your friends

It’s been one of those nights and wait… when did this guy hop in the picture and when did Sarah show up? In most cases, the dreaded question of “what happened last night” resurfaces on weekend mornings. Making memories and spending time with my friends have been my most favorite part about college. I feel like it’s always a loss when you can’t remember the conversations, the interactions, and the memories that were made the previous night. While alcohol may provide you with a good present, it may not always give you a memorable past. The past that involves 2 a.m. DP Dough runs, and actually making it to the football game after the tailgating shindigs is precisely what I’m talking about.

3. Waking up…without the hangover

We have all had those mornings when Advil and black coffee have become our closest confidants. Many of us chant the mantra, “I am never drinking again” in our heads as we try to rub our headaches away. While not every “morning after” is like this (thank God), going out without the alcohol influence will make these mornings seem like a thing of the past. Having fun without the regretful “brown bottle flu” the next day…sounds good to me! Can I make that reference to having your cake and being able to eat it the next day too?

4. Increase your likelihood of going to class 

Maybe it was just the cheese curds talking, but regardless the Pub was calling your name for the usual Wednesday shenanigans. We sometimes shamefully forget that alarm clocks are far away from being considered in our “friend” circle, especially on those days when our morning classes creep up on us sooner than expected. While it always takes some coaxing to crawl out from underneath our sheets in the morning, going out and drinking the night before a school day has usually proved to be the heaviest burden in that endeavor. While it is fantastic to splurge every once in a while, you will thank yourself when you skipped out on Pub or Wine Wednesday and got to that Thursday morning class… especially when there is a pop quiz involved.

5.  Make better decisions for yourself…and your friends.

Whether it’s celebrating the turning in of that dreadful paper, your bestest friend turning 21, or you made it through yet another reoccurrence of finals, alcohol almost always comes in to play. While some may fully anticipate this “play date” of sorts in how it relaxes us and lowers our inhibitions, it may not always play so nicely.  The downside of alcohol is that it will lead you to do things you would definitely not do sober. Having your girlfriends to help you out is one thing, but if you all plan on getting your “play on” it could potentially be a sticky situation. Even though being sober is deemed as playing the babysitter, you and your friends will appreciate it when you are able to ward off unnecessary danger; being sober will leave you to enjoy your night with your friends. 


Stay safe and Happy November!

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