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Last year, the twitter page ISU Make outs became a huge hit. Over hundreds of people followed the account, whether to check for entertainment or check to make sure they weren’t on it! With 8,463 followers and over 1,000 tweets, it’s time to meet the master mind behind this social media epidemic; the one and only Pat Board!


HC: When was ISU make outs first created?

PB: It was created last year, my freshman year.


HC: Why did you decide to make the account?

PB: I went to visit my buddy at Purdue and while I was there he told me a story on how he made out with some girl and made it on Purdue Make-outs. I asked him what it was and he said it was a twitter account that people send in pictures to and I thought it would be cool to bring it to ISU.


HC: Did you ever think it would become as popular as it is now?

PB: Honestly, I never thought it would get as many followers as it did. When I got 1,000 followers and a ton of submissions a week I realized it was gonna be huge. 


HC: Have you ever faced any any type of problems because of it?

PB: People tell me to take pictures down and say I’ve ruined their relationship but nothing too big. I’ve gotten threats but no one has ever actually fought me about it yet. 


HC: How do you decide which pictures to post?

PB: If I find it somewhat funny I’ll post it. I usually just look through them all and retweet most of them unless it’s clearly staged or stupid.


HC: Was it hard keeping it a secret?

PB: It wasn’t hard at all. I told my roommate Brian Brennan and that was it for a while. Then I told a bunch of my friends toward the end of freshman year because I didn’t really care who knew anymore and it spread very quickly after that. 


HC: When/How did word get out that it was you?

PB: It got out end of freshmen year when I told a bunch of my friends in my fraternity and once they told all their friends it was a matter of a day or two until I had people ask if it was actually me. 


HC: What were peoples reactions?

PB: No one really believed it was me so I had to take out my phone and show people I had the twitter account. They were shocked and everyone would tell me to make sure I don’t post a picture of them.


HC: Do you still run the account today? 

PB: I still run it today but people don’t send as many pictures in anymore. 


Be careful making out with someone next time you’re out because if you don’t kiss and tell, @ISUMakeouts1 will!

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