“No Boys Allowed” Galentine’s Day Festivities

Now everyone knows that Galentine’s Day comes before Valentine’s Day. Clearly since it is celebrated on February 13, (the day before actual V-day) and every year it takes the cake of being the most fun way of celebrating female friendships. What’s better than spending the day with your besties and not having to worry about annoying guys? Absolutely nothing, and having the best of friends in your life will definitely make you agree. Taking the time to appreciate the love that you have for your BFF's, and yourself, is special so why not reserve a day that is all about it!  The amount of things to do on this popular holiday are endless and all revolve around one thing: ladies celebrating ladies! S/o to Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character on "Parks and Recreation," for introducing us to the glorious Galentine’s day and giving me inspiration to write about these girls-only festivities!

Homemade Brunch

A waffle bar is the way to go when making your own brunch and heart shaped waffles are perfect for this day full of love!

Baking the most possible

Sweet treats baked from scratch always taste better when eaten with others, especially paired with a hot pink table cloth and other cute decorations.

Craft during the day

Get your creative juices flowing by making girly props that will come in handy for an unforgettable bestie photo shoot.

Movie & Pizza Night

And to end the eventful night, chick flicks and pizza are must haves! Snuggling up to your favorite movies in your pj's, along with being surrounded by your girls, just picture it.

"Fries before guys, sisters before misters, and ladies first!" xoxo

Dedicated to all the special gals in your life, Happy Galentine's Day!