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Summer is right around the corner, you know what this means, music festival season, along with a desperate desire for new summer clothes to match with the vibe you’re trying to give in each one of these festivals. You can’t just wear anything from your closet for these types of events; though if that’s what the feelings for the festival decide to be, by all means. Contrary to this, Coachella along with other festivals is a time when you need to go shopping for those staple pieces that will help you stick out from the crowd.

Here are a few pieces that would be fun to throw on and take to the festivals, on any day, this summer and spring.

  1. Frill Cowboy Hats

Festival season is usually out in the open air while the sun is out, so the need for something to cool you down is a must. A cowboy hat is a solid basic piece, but if you add a frill to this basic element it will look like you put some serious thought into your outfit. It’s also a sunblock to the sun. An overall frill and trendy piece that pairs well with any festival vibe.

  1. Soft pleated medium tiled sequin dress

A light-layered sequin dress is great for the exhausting heat. It’s good for movement and dancing. Overall, a unique type of dress that will help you look apart from the crowd, and if the dress is multicolored that’s even better!

  1. Sheer outer cover

Pair this with a bralette under and a bikini-styled undergarment and you’re ready to walk around with a stylish, but cooling outfit! Make sure the cover isn’t hard to move in. It should be drapery as this adds to the overall design of what a slightly see-through cover at a festival should be like. You’re going to be doing a ton of walking, so keep comfort in mind.

  1. Irregular style cut-out Top

The cutout styled top is a cool design feature. It would give more space for air to flow through your upper body inside your shirt. It can get a bit hot under your clothing so holes and cuts in your pieces are sometimes necessary and also stylist. Again, it should be pretty hot out there. Overall, a cute trendy top to think about this summer and spring.

  1. Aluminum or platinum colored pieces

How cool is an aluminum platinum-colored piece of clothing? This is just a suggestion on what colors should be worn, not necessarily a clothing piece, but this color is a serious outlier to other colors. Whether it’s a platinum skirt or a silver top, this color is an eye-catching trend that needs some recognition. Try it out yourself!

  1. Crochet skirt

Vanessa Hudgens wore a crochet top that inspired this idea back in 2011. She wore a floral crochet halter top with acid-wash blue denim shorts. I’ve never seen anyone wear a crochet-inspired skirt though. So, I’m recommending it now. This type of piece could be as translucent as you want it to be. It would be cute in any color or style whether long or short, it’s your pick. You can even DIY this piece yourself.

Snag any of these pieces and have a comfortable yet fashionable time at your favorite summer festival!

Aurora Quintero

Illinois State '24

Hi, my name is Aurora! I love to go on Tiktok and be on social media. I love traveling and want to do it more. I am an English major and Senior at Illinois State University. I love to go out to eat and explore new places. I love books, however, I don't read as much as I want to. I am extremely busy on the weekdays, but I love to relax and sometimes go out on the town with people and have fun.